Anti Bullying Week : 8th – 12th May 2017

Dear Parents,

As you will have read in the latest Newsletter, during the first week back from our holiday, in the week beginning the 8th May, we will have our Anti Bullying Week. We ask you to remind your child to wear an item of clothing in blue to commemorate this very important theme.

During this week, all the children will learn about their personal responsibilities regarding anti-bullying. One of our aims is that we speak out against bullying.

Each class will have its own theme, suitably targeted to their level; they will also be involved in different projects.

All the children from Year 1 to 6 will be asked to make something that takes a stand against bullying. This could be a poster, a short video, a poem, song or piece of artwork, for example. The choice is theirs. Their work will be shown in their classrooms and a selection will be on show for the whole school.

The week will start with an introductory assembly and will end with each class showing what they have learned to one another within their own key stages.

The school’s theme for the week will be ‘We Speak Out Against Bullying’. The Y3 theme will be ‘Power For Good’.

During our lessons we will support the children to use their Power for Good. The children will learn the ways in which they are powerful and can encourage individual and collective action to stop bullying and create the best world possible.

Dear Children,

We would like you to speak to your family about what ‘We Speak Out Against Bullying’ means to you. Your home activity is to make something that shows this; this could be a poster, drawing, a poem, song or even a role play. It is up to you how you will do this. Be prepared to bring in or talk about your home activity on the week beginning Monday 6th May, during our Anti-Bullying Week.

We hope you have a great holiday,

Mr and Mrs Scragg & Miss Wiseman.