Grote Rekendag Home Activities

Dear Children,
As you will have read in the Newsletter, next Wednesday is Grote Rekendag. For next week we would like you to complete 2 Home Activities. The activities are not optional. You have to complete them.
For the first activity, we would like you to take a picture of yourself standing next to the number of your house. You must bring your photo into school by Wednesday. You can bring it into school sooner if you wish.
For the second activity, we would like you to create a presentation about a number that is special to you. Please only choose one number and include reasons for why it is special to you. Examples could include: –
– How many animals you have
– The year that you were born
– Your weight in Kg
– Your foot size
– Your lucky number
– The age of one of your parents
We would like you to be creative in the way that you present your number and reasons. You will be presenting to the rest of the class and Year 2 so your presentation needs to entertain! For example, you may choose to write a song or rap about your special number. Think outside the box and be as creative as you like. Make models, artwork, dance routines. Don’t just play it safe and create a poster or PowerPoint!
You can bring the second activity into school ready to present anytime during next week. We look forward to seeing your presentation.
Mr & Mrs Scragg and Miss Wiseman.