Anti Bullying Week : 8th – 12th May 2017

Dear Parents,

As you will have read in the latest Newsletter, during the first week back from our holiday, in the week beginning the 8th May, we will have our Anti Bullying Week. We ask you to remind your child to wear an item of clothing in blue to commemorate this very important theme.

During this week, all the children will learn about their personal responsibilities regarding anti-bullying. One of our aims is that we speak out against bullying.

Each class will have its own theme, suitably targeted to their level; they will also be involved in different projects.

All the children from Year 1 to 6 will be asked to make something that takes a stand against bullying. This could be a poster, a short video, a poem, song or piece of artwork, for example. The choice is theirs. Their work will be shown in their classrooms and a selection will be on show for the whole school.

The week will start with an introductory assembly and will end with each class showing what they have learned to one another within their own key stages.

The school’s theme for the week will be ‘We Speak Out Against Bullying’. The Y3 theme will be ‘Power For Good’.

During our lessons we will support the children to use their Power for Good. The children will learn the ways in which they are powerful and can encourage individual and collective action to stop bullying and create the best world possible.

Dear Children,

We would like you to speak to your family about what ‘We Speak Out Against Bullying’ means to you. Your home activity is to make something that shows this; this could be a poster, drawing, a poem, song or even a role play. It is up to you how you will do this. Be prepared to bring in or talk about your home activity on the week beginning Monday 6th May, during our Anti-Bullying Week.

We hope you have a great holiday,

Mr and Mrs Scragg & Miss Wiseman.


Learning Overview Week Commencing 20th March 2017

This week the children will be taught the following things in English and Maths: –


– Revision of key comprehension and grammar skills, in preparation for next week’s reading and writing assessments


In addition to Grote Rekendag activities the children will be taught the following: –

– Adding and subtracting two 3 digit numbers using the column method

– The grid method of multiplication for multiplying a 1 digit number by a 2 digit number

Grote Rekendag Home Activities

Dear Children,
As you will have read in the Newsletter, next Wednesday is Grote Rekendag. For next week we would like you to complete 2 Home Activities. The activities are not optional. You have to complete them.
For the first activity, we would like you to take a picture of yourself standing next to the number of your house. You must bring your photo into school by Wednesday. You can bring it into school sooner if you wish.
For the second activity, we would like you to create a presentation about a number that is special to you. Please only choose one number and include reasons for why it is special to you. Examples could include: –
– How many animals you have
– The year that you were born
– Your weight in Kg
– Your foot size
– Your lucky number
– The age of one of your parents
We would like you to be creative in the way that you present your number and reasons. You will be presenting to the rest of the class and Year 2 so your presentation needs to entertain! For example, you may choose to write a song or rap about your special number. Think outside the box and be as creative as you like. Make models, artwork, dance routines. Don’t just play it safe and create a poster or PowerPoint!
You can bring the second activity into school ready to present anytime during next week. We look forward to seeing your presentation.
Mr & Mrs Scragg and Miss Wiseman.

Y3 Carnival Song

Dear Parents,

Please find below a link to a YouTube video of our Y3 Carnival Song. This is the song that we will perform next Friday to celebrate Carnival.

Please help your child to learn the words to the song. We will also practice it in class.

Thank you very much.

Mr & Mrs Scragg and Miss Wiseman.

Items needed for PSHE lesson

Dear Parents,

The children will be making their own garden ornaments as part of our Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) lessons. We would be really grateful if you could send to school any of the following unwanted items that you may have at home: –

– Small rocks

– Beach pebbles

– Bamboo canes

– Pipe cleaners

– Terracotta pots and trays

– Garden string

– Glass jars

– Garden cane

If you can help that would fantastic! We will be using the items next Monday 13th February and the following Monday 30th February.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Mr & Mrs Scragg and Miss Wiseman.

Y3 International News Week Commencing Monday 13th February 2017

L.O Can I understand and present information about a piece of international news?

Find a piece of international news that has interested you this week. In your own words, write a few notes about it on a piece of paper. Your work will be displayed on the school’s news of the week display, therefore please make sure it is nicely presented. You may want to include a picture and you can either write it by hand or create it on the computer.

Please pass your completed work to one of us, anytime from tomorrow onwards.

Learning Overview Week Commencing 6th February 2017

This week the children will be taught the following things in English and Maths: –


– Continued from last week


– Place 3-digit numbers on empty 100 number lines and begin to place 3-digit numbers on landmarked and empty 100 number lines.

– Round 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10 and to the nearest 100, place 3-digit numbers on empty 100 number lines and begin to place 3-digit numbers on 0–1000 empty number lines.

– Use counting up as a strategy to perform mental subtraction.

Learning Overview Week Commencing 30 January 2017

This week the children will be taught the following things in English and Maths: –


– Infer a character’s feelings, actions and motives

– Write a short recount based on a fictional first person experience

– Write and make changes to grammar and vocabulary


– Name and list properties of simple 2D shapes

– Begin to understand and use the term perimeter to mean the length/distance around the edge (border) of a 2D shape and begin to calculate perimeter, using a ruler to measure

– Recognise right angles and know they are 90°, know a right angle is a quarter turn, know 360° is a full turn, begin to understand angles and identify size of angles in relation to 90° and introduce 45° and 30° angles

Learning Overview Week Commencing 23 January 2017

This week the children will be taught the following things in English and Maths: –


– Extended noun phrases

– Choose vocabulary for clarity

– Use well-chosen vocabulary to create poems

– Reread writing, assess and make changes to vocabulary


– Understand that fractions are equal parts of a whole

– Find fractions of amounts

– Find equivalent fractions