Hello everyone,

Monday is sports day! fun! Sports day will take place on Monday (19th June). The children will need to be at the Sprint Sports Club (Doctor Schaepmanlaan 4, 4837 BW Breda) at 8.40am and picked up from there at 2.15pm. The children need to wear their school PE kit and take their lunch and snack with them. Please make sure your child is wearing sunscreen and has a water bottle because it is going to be very warm!

Wednesday there is a football tournament for the children that are in the football club (they know about this ). Don’t worry if you are not in the football club, we will do fun things that day and of course go and support the ISB team!

Literacy: we will be working on Grace and family and will do our reading and writing assessments.

Numeracy: count back in 10s and 1s to solve subtraction (not crossing 10s) and check subtraction using addition, beginning to understand that addition undoes subtraction and vice versa; add three or more small numbers using number facts; record amounts of money using £·p notation including amounts with no 10s or 1s; find more than one way to solve a money problem.

IPC:  We are going to be talking about plate tectonics and earthquakes. We are going to make a seismograph and talk about Richter scale.

We will make a new list for the reading parents so we will come looking for our lovely volunteers on Tuesday :).

Have a lovely weekend!

Frances and Monique