last week before the May holiday!

Hello everyone,

This week we have the university days and King’s day. So no literacy, numeracy, PE, SEAL or phonics. The children are very excited about that ;).

The children have chosen different courses that teachers and other professionals will teach over the next three days. Some examples of courses are making a silent movie, mindcraft, mosaic, bee keeping and much more. On Friday we celebrate King’s day and we will have a day full of Dutch games and fun. We have been practicing┬áde Okido in class and you can find the lyrics in your child’s bookbag. If you want to see the song and dance, have a look here:

We will sing (and dance!) de Okido on King’s day with the whole school. If your child wants to practice at home, they can but they do not have to.

Every morning we will spend 15 minutes on reading before the courses start so the children do need their bookbags this week. On Friday there will be no spelling test since it is King’s day. The spelling words we have given out are for the spelling test after the holiday. So a lot of time to practice!

We hope to see all of you on Wednesday of Thursday evening,

Frances and Monique