Next week

Hello everyone,

Next week our spelling test will be on Thursday because it is good Friday on Friday. On Thursday we will also do an easter egg hunt! Fun fun fun!

Today we made a really cool jungle display for our new book “Gorilla”. We will work on that book next week and discuss the pictures. What do the children like about the pictures? Is there anything they dislike? What questions do they have about the story? We will encourage the children to expand on their first thoughts and give reasons for their wonderings, predictions and initial responses. We will read a few pages of the book and see if our predictions were correct. We will work in pairs to role-play a conversation between two characters and will record feelings from the characters.

Numeracy: Tell the time to the nearest quarter of an hour using analogue and digital clocks; understand the relationship between seconds, minutes and hours and use a tally chart; interpret and complete a pictogram or block graph where one block or symbol represents one or two things.

IPC: Digital Gaming! we will research our favourite games. What is the setting? How do you win or lose points? Who is the main character? What is the country of origin? We will also play some games to introduce the topic. We will only play games that are appropriate and children will play for a short amount of time (5 minutes per game). We will discuss what they liked about the games and use a tally chart to see which game was most popular.

Have a great weekend!

Frances and Monique