Next week

Hello everyone,

Next week we have our IPC celebration on Monday from 14:00 until 14:30.

On Tuesday we have our trip to the Springplank. Please make sure you drop your child at the Springplank at 9:00 and pick them up at 13:30. When we get back to the ISB you are more than welcome to stay with us an join in with some outdoor games.

Alban’s mum takes Duarte
Dorian’s mum takes Aleksander
Dorian’s mum returns with Aleksander, Juliette and Aaditi
Sofie’s mum takes Aanya and Sara
Leo’s mum takes Nathan and Conner
Sarah’s mum takes Mauro and Jakub
Chloe’s mum takes Yara and Josefa

Could Aaditi’s mum and Juliette’s mum please arrange car seats?

For IPC we are going to start with our new topic Digital Gaming! In this unit we will learn about some applications of ICT and computing in different jobs and work situations. We will learn about some applications and implications of ICT and computing in everyday life. We will learn about how ICT and computing affects people’s lives. We are going to learn how to search effectively, using and evaluating information from a variety of sources. We are going to work with a range of programs or apps to support and present learning in other subjects.

Bedirhan’s mum came in to speak to us about her job for our last IPC topic. This was a very successful day and the children loved asking her questions. If you are working in the ICT or gaming sector and you would like to come in one day to speak to us, please let me know. The children get really excited when we have visitors and they learn a lot from this.

For numeracy we will continue working on the topics we worked on last weeks. Times tables (2, 5 and 10), fractions and finding half of odd and even numbers.

For literacy we will start a new book called Gorilla by Anthony Browne. Over the next few weeks we are going to look at illustrations as well as the text in order to discover how picture books work, how stories are told through the illustrations, through the words and through the relationship between both. We will learn how a picture can bring about an emotional response and provide a visual narrative.

Have a nice long weekend!

Frances and Monique