Next week

Hello everyone,

Next week we have our IPC celebration on Monday from 14:00 until 14:30.

On Tuesday we have our trip to the Springplank. Please make sure you drop your child at the Springplank at 9:00 and pick them up at 13:30. When we get back to the ISB you are more than welcome to stay with us an join in with some outdoor games.

Alban’s mum takes Duarte
Dorian’s mum takes Aleksander
Dorian’s mum returns with Aleksander, Juliette and Aaditi
Sofie’s mum takes Aanya and Sara
Leo’s mum takes Nathan and Conner
Sarah’s mum takes Mauro and Jakub
Chloe’s mum takes Yara and Josefa

Could Aaditi’s mum and Juliette’s mum please arrange car seats?

For IPC we are going to start with our new topic Digital Gaming! In this unit we will learn about some applications of ICT and computing in different jobs and work situations. We will learn about some applications and implications of ICT and computing in everyday life. We will learn about how ICT and computing affects people’s lives. We are going to learn how to search effectively, using and evaluating information from a variety of sources. We are going to work with a range of programs or apps to support and present learning in other subjects.

Bedirhan’s mum came in to speak to us about her job for our last IPC topic. This was a very successful day and the children loved asking her questions. If you are working in the ICT or gaming sector and you would like to come in one day to speak to us, please let me know. The children get really excited when we have visitors and they learn a lot from this.

For numeracy we will continue working on the topics we worked on last weeks. Times tables (2, 5 and 10), fractions and finding half of odd and even numbers.

For literacy we will start a new book called Gorilla by Anthony Browne. Over the next few weeks we are going to look at illustrations as well as the text in order to discover how picture books work, how stories are told through the illustrations, through the words and through the relationship between both. We will learn how a picture can bring about an emotional response and provide a visual narrative.

Have a nice long weekend!

Frances and Monique


A fun week coming up!

Hello everyone,

We have a fun week coming up!

Wednesday we have the Schiphol trip. We would like to remind you that we meet at 8:45 at the main ticket office at Breda Station. The children take their normal bag with their water bottle, snack and lunch with them. They do not need their bookbag.

Thursday is Mother Tongue day. Everyone can come to school dressed in clothes that represent their culture/native language (e.g. T-shirt, face paint, costume). You can find more information in the March newsletter.

Friday: Inset day so no school.

Spelling: we have given the children their new spelling words today but the spelling test will be on the 7th of April. This is because of our trip, mother tongue day and the inset day. So two weeks to practice these spelling words!

Have a good weekend,

Frances and Monique

Please come to our IPC celebration!

Hello everyone,

We have been learning about airplanes and airports for a few weeks and we would love to show all of you what we have been doing. We would like to show you all our work on Monday the 3th of April. You are welcome in the year 2 classroom between 14:00 and 14:30.

The children would love it if you could come and see what we made. A welcome Jakub to the Netherlands video, designs for flight attendant uniforms, our own airport maps, trainings videos for people that work at an airport and much more!

Tomorrow you will receive a proper (handmade) invitation so please try to act surprised  :)!

Frances and Monique

Next week

Hello everyone,

Next week we have a special week! On Wednesday we have the Grote Rekendag (see the blog post on Grote Rekendag for homework) and on Thursday we have a skipping workshop. We have told the children that they can come to school wearing sports clothes if they want to. The skipping will take place outside and should be a lot of fun!

Spelling: Could you please try to encourage your child to do their spelling homework every day. They would benefit a lot from this!

Numeracy: we will be working on fractions, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to solve multiplication problems and finding specified multiples; introduce the × sign; record the 2, 5 and 10 times-tables; investigate multiplications with the same answer; write multiplications to go with arrays, rotate arrays to show they are commutative.

Literacy: We will finish the Magic Finger. We are writing stories focussing on chronological structure and expressing time (first, when, before, after, while, next.. ). Our main focus in writing is capital letters and full stops. This week we have worked hard on this and we will continue doing that next week. We will describe our favourite part of the book. Write a different ending to the book and write about our own passion.

IPC: Airports and airplanes! We are going to design and present our own in-flight entertainment pack. We will write about our product and explain why our pack is perfect for airlines. We will also finish our airport statues that we have made today (they look really cool so far!) and will preform safety instructions.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Frances and Monique

Grote Rekendag

Dear Children,
As you will have read in the Newsletter, next Wednesday is Grote Rekendag. For next week we would like you to complete 2 Home Activities.
For the first activity, we would like you to take a picture of yourself standing next to the number of your house. You must bring your photo into school by Wednesday. You can bring it into school sooner if you wish.
For the second activity, we would like you to create a presentation about a number that is special to you. Please only choose one number since we will be doing this in class as well. Include reasons for why it is special to you. Examples could include:
– How many animals you have
– The year that you were born
– Your weight in Kg
– You foot size
– Your lucky number
– The age of one of your parents
We would like you to be creative in the way that you present your number and reasons. You will be presenting to the rest of the class and Year 3 so your presentation needs to entertain! For example, you may choose to write a song or rap about your special number. Think outside the box and be as creative as you like. Make models, artwork, dance routines. Anything you like!
You can bring the second activity into school ready to present anytime during next week. We look forward to seeing your presentation.
Mr & Mrs Scragg, Miss Wiseman, Miss Frances and Miss van Schijndel.

Schiphol trip on the 29th of March

Hello everyone,
EDIT: The date for our trip to Schiphol has changed due to the Grote Rekendag. We will now go the 29th of March

On March 29nd as part of our IPC unit, ‘Runways to the world’, Year 2 will be visiting Schiphol airport where they will take part in a Schiphol behind the scenes tour. This will help them to bring their recent learning to life. They will get to visit previously unseen places, just as the fire station and VIP landing area. More information about the tour can be found at,

The children will be departing from Breda station and should be brought directly there at 8:45. We will meet in front of the ticket office. They will be ready to be collected at Breda station at 14:15.
This information will also be in the next newsletter and we will send home a letter for you to sign.
Have a lovely day!

Incas week

Hello everyone,

We hope you all had a lovely holiday! The children were very excited to start again today.

This week we have the incas which means we do not do numeracy, literacy and phonics. The children will do their incas assessments in small groups with miss Frances. The rest of the children will work on IPC in the classroom. We have some nice IPC projects planned for this week such as designing our own airport, composing questions for our special guest (Bedirhan’s mum is coming tomorrow to tell us about her work) and making a video about the Netherlands. We will still do PE, Dutch, SEAL and music.

Have a good week!

Frances and Monique