Last week before the holiday!

Hello everyone,

Literacy: for literacy we will write a diary entry, discuss different words and phrases that we can use, predict what might happen next, evaluate different viewpoints and compose questions for an interview.

Numeracy: for numeracy we will continue working with money, 3d shapes and the time.

IPC: airplanes and airports! We will design a flight attendants uniform, design an inflight meal and look at different airports.

There will be no spelling homework this week. On Thursday we will give out the new spelling sheet for after the holiday.

We have been working on our carnival song “toe toe toeter op mijn waterscooter”. We had a vote and more than half of the class voted for this song! Madelief from year 6 came in and showed us how to dance to the song. If you want to practice you could have a look at this link.


Have a good week,

Frances and Monique


This week

Hello everyone!

This week we are learning more about airports. We will make posters for places we would like to visit. We have found information and will start our posters tomorrow. We will also design our own airline logos and talk about the different jobs that are carried out at the airport.

On Friday we will do our numeracy assessments. This week we will revise all the things we have work on since the holiday. 3D shapes, bigger than, smaller than, putting numbers in order, working with money, addition and subtraction.

For literacy we will write about our own experience, we will have discussions, a debate and act out scenes of the book. Our new book, The Magic Finger, is great and it links nicely to our SEAL lessons. Today the main character got really angry and we discussed what she could have done instead. The children had great ideas about that and spoke about times they got angry and how they could have solved it a different way.

A big thanks to the parents that have signed the acceptable use agreement that we sent home on Friday. The parents that have not signed it yet, could you please do this? We have had a talk in class about how to use the computer and the internet and how to be safe and responsible. It would be good if you could have a chat with your child about this at home as well and than send back the signed agreement.
Thank you, Frances and Monique