Almost December!

Hi everyone,

We cannot wait for December! We have wrapped presents, sang lots songs, made Americo (Sinterklaas’ horse) and read books about Sinterklaas. Meanwhile we are also working on our Christmas concert where year 2 will sing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!

For literacy we will write a letter of complaint, make drawings to go with our script, work on a comic book page and much more!

Numeracy: We will continue working on doubles and adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers. Besides that we will also work on using Carroll diagrams and Venn diagrams which most children find tricky.

IPC: We have planned great investigations with Brett and Laura this week that we will carry out next week. Some of us are going to blow up balloons with small and big straws, others are going to drop two balloons, one with water and one filled with air, and measure which one hits the floor first. We will put pictures on instagram so you can see the results! We will also work on magnetism and find things in our class (and outside) that are magnetic.

Have a great long weekend!

Frances and Monique

Hi everyone!

This week is a short week since there is a teacher training day on Friday.

For numeracy we will be working on adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers; solving addition and subtraction problems using concrete and pictorial representations; adding near doubles to double 15; adding several small numbers spotting near doubles or pairs to 10, etc.

Literacy. This week we will finally find out how the book ends! We will predict endings and than read the last pages of the book. We will be working on retelling the story in sequence, using story language and we will finish our diaries that we are writing from the perspective of the princess. We will also write a conversation in script form and act it out afterwards.

IPC. We are going to learn about air resistance and investigate if air can also push things. We will also make kites and hopefully take them outside! We will predict which kite will stay in the air for the longest amount of time. The biggest one or the smallest one?

We would like to wrap presents just like Sint and Piet do. If you have some cardboard boxes, could you please take them to school? Even the small tea boxes are perfect! No worries if you do not have them, I will go and buy new shoes and drink lots of tea this weekend ;).

Have a great weekend!

Frances and Monique

Hello everyone,

Next week we are going to start our new IPC topic Push me, pull you. In this topic we will learn the following things:
About pushes and pulls
How to change the speed of a moving object
How we use our muscles to push and pull
How water is a force that can move things
How we can use air to push and pull objects
How a magnetic force can push and pull

Next week we will talk about simple scientific questions and plan our investigations. We will play a game of tug of war (touwtrekken), talk about the different forces we use in the game and much more. We will post pictures of the fun things we do on instagram!

For numeracy we will focus on vocabulary associated with position, direction and movement. We are going to measure lengths using uniform units and begin to measure in centimetres and metres. We will use the things we learn in numeracy in our IPC lessons to make the measuring more meaningful.

For literacy we will continue reading the Princess and the white bear king. We are going to write in role as the princess, evaluate viewpoints and building on the contribution of others. We will predict how the story will end and will have group discussions.

On Monday (14th) Michiel and Maria Jose are reading with us and on Friday (18th) Shaymaa and Gaelle. The week after that we have Hennie and Alex on Monday (21th) and on Friday there is no reading since there is a Teacher Training day.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

Frances and Monique

Back to school!

Welcome back after the October break. We hope you are all feeling well and had a lovely holiday!

This week we on Friday the 4th Tatiana and Gaelle are reading with us. Next week on Monday the 7th Maria Jose and Laura and on Friday the 11th Tatiana and Rebecca will come and read. We have started a new reading list so mrs Frances will be outside in the mornings with the list. If you want to read on Monday or Friday from 10:20 until 11:45, please let mrs Frances know.

For IPC we will work on the stone age and the bronze age. We made recipes for the people that lived in the stone age. If you would like a recipe of flatbread with meat and grass please come see me ;). We also made cave paintings and wrote a story about a cave we discovered. The next days we will be looking at skills that people had to learn in order to survive and look at skills we would like to improve.

The children are very excited about the new book we are reading ( the princess and the white bear king). We have designed crowns for the princess and have written persuasive letters to the king to make him pick our crown. This week we will continue reading the book, write a diary entry in the role of the princess or the king and work on our journal.

This week we have our numeracy assessments. We worked really hard on that today! The rest of the week we will be working on ordinal numbers; understanding that 2-digit numbers are made from some 10s and some 1s; understanding place value using 10 cent and 1 cent coins; finding and recording all possible amounts using 10 cent and 1cent coins; finding 10 cent more and 10 cent less.

If you have any questions or want some great recipes, feel free to speak to us!

Frances and Monique