Hi everyone,

Our trip to Sealife was a lot of fun! A big thanks to Laura, Michiel and Tatiana for coming with us. For pictures please check our instragram: isb_year2

Next week is kinderboekenweek (book week). The theme this year is opa en oma (grandparents) and we have planned a range of fun activities that you can read more about in the email you have received. I just like to remind you about pyjama day on Monday. All children can wear their pyjamas to school and they will get milk, a cookie and a story. Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. The children can bring in a dressing gown or sleep clothes that can be worn over their normal clothes.

This week grandparents are invited to come into school to read their favourite children’s story book to their grandchild’s class. Please let me know if you are a grandparent and would like to come and read to us! Grandparents can read in their native language. 

For literacy we will start our new book The Princess and the White Bear King.

For numeracy we will begin to mark numbers on a landmarked line, compare and order numbers, using < and > signs, find 1 and 10 more or less using the 100-square, find 10 more and 10 less than any 2-digit number.

Have a lovely weekend,

Frances and Monique

Week update

Hello everyone,

Here is an overview of what we will be working on this week. On Friday we have our trip to Sealife which will be a lot of fun! You can read more about this trip in the blog-post about Sealife.

Literacy: this week we will finish the Snail and the Whale. We will think of interview questions and write eye witness reports. Next week we are going to start our new power of reading book “The Princess and the White Bear King” by Tanya Robyn Batt.

Overall aims of this teaching sequence:
· To talk confidently about picture books and responses individual to them
· To explore important themes of courage, perseverance and compassion
· To explore the story through a variety of teaching approaches including drama and role-play
· To write in role from more than one perspective
· To reflect on reading through keeping a reading journal

Numeracy: this week we will focus on 2D shapes. We will look at squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, ovals and hexagons. Today we started looking at symmetry and found out which shapes are symmetrical. We will also compare and sort 2D shapes and everyday objects.

IPC: for IPC we have started Scavengers and Settles and the children seem really excited about it. They know quite a lot about this topic already and have been sharing this information in class. This week we will compare ourselves to Lucy (a australopithecus afraensis (first humans to walk on two legs) and to a hunter who lived in the stone age. We will talk about the differences and things we have in common with them.

We are very pleased with all the parents that have come in to read on Monday and Friday. The children enjoy the reading a lot and we are very happy with the extra hands. A big thanks to all of you! We are still looking for parents for October 21 and November 4 from 10:20 until 11:45. If you would like to come and read with us, please let us know!

Frances and Monique



On Friday 14th October Years 1 and 2 will be visiting to the Sealife Centre in Scheveningen to support our recent power of reading books, The Emperors  Egg (yr 1) and The snail and the whale (yr 2).

We will be departing promptly from school at 8.45am, children should arrive earlier for school on this day at 8.30am. Please make sure you are here on time as if you are not, due to our tight schedule, we will have to leave without you. And we don’t want that!

At around 10am will eat our snack on the bus, on route to the Sealife Centre. Once arriving at the Sealife Centre at 10.15am we will have our interactive educational talk about penguins and other sea creatures. Next we will tour the centre, and have lunch. Our final activity will be observing the penguins being fed.

We will depart the Sealife centre at 1.15pm, aiming to arrive back at school for the end of day at 2.45pm.

It is sure to be a fun, exciting and educational trip!

Your children do not need to bring money as we will not be visiting the gift shop.

Each child is responsible for their own belongings and will be carrying their own bag.

Please pack an easily transportable and easy to eat packed lunch and snack. Children should all have a named water bottle with them.

Electronic games etc should not be brought on the trip as they may get lost or broken.

Children should not bring their bookbag or reading book on this day. We will give new spellings/ reading books for the weekend on Thursday this week.

If you have any more questions please see your childs class teacher

Best wishes

The Year 1 and Year 2 team

Food journal

Hello everybody,

This week we have our first mini-homework project for this year.

We are going to make our own Food Journals. Children can fill in beginning with tomorrow, Tuesday October 3th. We will put the sheet they can use for this is in their yellow home folder tomorrow. Children fill in the boxes when they eat and what they eat. By starting Tuesday it can be returned filled in by next Tuesday, October 11th. We will then look for patterns in our eating habits as well as look at different dishes from around the world.

Please guide your child but please let them fill it in and make it their responsibility.

For literacy we will be working on the snail and the whale. We will be working on the feelings of the snail on his journey, the problems on his journey and our favourite parts of the book. We will also start writing our own stories in the style of the snail and the whale. Before we start writing we will collect ideas and make storyboards.

For numeracy we will be working on double numbers to double 15. We will use patterns in number bonds, use number bonds to solve more difficult additions, to subtract and to solve additions bridging 10.

This week we are starting our new IPC topic; Scavengers and Settlers. We have talked about our four basic needs – food, water, clothing and shelter. This week we will talk about how things have been different in the past and make a family tree.

We will see most of you on Wednesday- or Thursday evening,


Frances and Monique