Homework 23/06/17

Dear students,

Your Homework for next week is:

  • Study your lines for the play! All your lines should be learnt by heart and spoken fluently. You should be ready to act on stage without using your scripts.
  • In groups produce a basic audio-visual presentation of your time in school, to display during our graduation assembly. Discuss and plan with your group the main points your video will consist of. Think and present: a) What is school? b)What are friends? c) Why do you have to leave school? d) How do you feel? You may include photos,  poems, artwork, famous quotes and sayings, all around the themes of leaving, change, goodbyes, growing up, etc.

A few helpful apps are:

  • www.prezi.com – An online alternative to PowerPoint with great animations between slides.
  • www.smilebox.com – Easily combine your photos and music into a video with background graphics.
  • imovie for ipad
  • powtoon.com

Practise the ”hornpipe dance”!

Have a nice weekend.


Ms Chalkiopoulou