Homework 19th May 2017

Dear students,

You have been assigned with the following pieces of homework:


  • Complete the ‘Simile & Metaphor’ Activity sheet.
  • Read the new chapter of our book and investigate vocabulary

This piece of Homework is due in Tuesday the 30th of May.

Numeracy: Complete the Mastery Checkpoint to translate and reflect shapes in all 4 quadrants.

Note: Remember that when we reflect a shape in the x-axis we have to change the sign of the y-coordinates for each vertex. When we reflect a shape in the y-axis we change the x-coordinates for each vertex.

IPC: In our new topic in IPC, “They made a difference” we will learn that some people have made such a big difference in the world that their influence on our lives can still be felt today. From scientists to sports people, from politicians to musicians, from all backgrounds, countries, races and religions there are people whose ideas or achievements have singled them out from others. 

Research project: Think and research: Are there any significant leaders from the past?Research the following questions:

  • Where and when were they born?
  • How long ago did they rule?
  • What did they do that we remember them for?
  • What did people at the time think of them?
  • Why are they still significant today?
  • How did they change the world?


  • The following books and websites provide a useful starting point: The Top Ten Leaders That Changed the World, by Anita Ganeri,Franklin Watts, 2009 Pears Cyclopedia 2014-2015, by Chris Cook, 2014 Famous Lives series, by S Reid et al, Usborne Publishing Ltd, 1997
  • kidspast.com/world-history/index.php – KidsPast.com website has an online world history textbook that you can access for free.
  • pitara.com/magazine/people.asp – Pitara Kids network website has biographies for children. 
  • great-leaders.incredible-people.com – Incredible People website has information about great leaders from around the world. 

The IPC & Numeracy homework are due in Wednesday the 31st of May.

Have a good weekend.


Ms Chalkiopoulou

Weekly Objectives 15/05

Dear parents & students,

This week we will:

In Numeracy: Read and plot coordinates in all four quadrants, draw and translate simple polygons using coordinates and find missing coordinates for a vertex on a polygon; draw and reflect simple polygons in both the x-axis and y-axis using coordinates; find unknown angles around a point, on a line, in a triangle or vertically opposite and in polygons where diagonals intersect.

In Literacy:

  • Discuss key elements of the story giving own viewpoint and ideas
  • Write for different purposes, using evidence from the text
  • Give reasons for opinions using referring to the text to reinforce that.

Have a lovely week.


Ms Chalkiopoulou

Homework 12/05/17

Dear students,

Your Homework for next week is:

Numeracy: Complete the worksheet given on Friday with conversions of fractions to percentages.

Literacy: Considering our learning outcomes during this Anti-Bulling week and our focus on Cyber-bullying, reflect on the phrase ‘Think before you send’ and consider the impact of and emojis when communicating.😃

  • Discuss with your family or a friend at home: What happens when we send without thinking? Why do people need to remind themselves to think before sending or clicking? Make sure you give some strong reasons for your answers. Be ready to feed back in class on Monday.
  • Then, use the template with the emojis you were given and investigate, explore their meanings. In your Homework book write a report about emojis (organise your information in paragraphs following the questions below): What do we use emojis for? Do we all use them in the same way or do different groups use them for different reasons? Do older/younger people you know understand emojis in the same way as you do? Why do we use them? (Secret code? Communicating quickly?) Are they a good or bad thing? How can they be used for good/misused for bad purposes? What should we remember when we are quickly sending emojis to people?

Use the blank emoji sheet  to draw your own, either ones you know and use, or some you have made up. Can you explain what do your emojis mean?



Group 1 & 2:https://www.spellingcity.com/view-spelling-list.html?listId=45907013

Group 3: https://www.spellingcity.com/view-spelling-list.html?listId=45907146

Have a lovely weekend!! 🙂

Best wishes,

Ms Chalkiopoulou