Residential trip, Confirmation of children’s participation

Dear parents,

We would like to give you a friendly reminder to confirm your child’s participation in the Year 6 Residential Trip by email to as soon as possible. Payment for the trip should be made before 3rd of June 2017 to the school’s bank account.

Additionally, we will be holding a short meeting, discussing the itinerary of the trip on the 31st of May at 3pm in the Year 6 Classroom. Year 6 students are very welcome to accompany you to the meeting. 🙂

Have a nice holiday.

Best wishes,

Ms Chalkiopoulou


Homework for Holidays

Dear students,

You have been assigned with a special piece of Homework for this holiday 🙂 :

  • In our school we all speak out against bullyingSpeak to your family about what this means to you. Your home activity is to make something that shows this; this could be a poster, drawing, a poem, song or even a role play. It is up to you how you will to do this. Be prepared to bring in or talk about your home activity on the week beginning Monday 6th May, during our Anti-Bullying Week. 
  • Literacy/Writing Activity: Complete the suspense story writing activity. Find instructions on the worksheet given in class before the holidays.
  • Additionally, make sure to visit: ActiveLearn account, Mathletics and Reading Eggspress to practise your individual targets set for this term. Find further information in your Incas report.
Have a wonderful holiday!!!!  🙂
Best wishes,
Ms Chalkiopoulou

Homework 7th April

Dear students,

Your homework for next week is:

in Literacy: Read the next part of the second part at home and investigate vocabulary. Be ready for our Literacy lesson on Monday the 10th of April.

In Numeracy: Complete worksheet given on Friday.Don’t forget to use your activeLearn accounts for further instructions and allocated tasks for further practice.

Spellings: Group a & b :

IPC: Find out the sunrise and sunset times for December and June in your host and home country. You may present your results in a bar graph for comparison.

Useful websites:

All Homework is due in Thursday, next week.


Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,

Ms Chalkiopoulou

Weekly Learning Objectives

Dear parents & students,

This week we are learning..

In Literacy:

  • How to write a character’s description
  • How to infer character’s feelings, actions and motives
  • To give reasons for opinions referring to the text to reinforce this

In Numeracy: Solve addition and subtraction multi-step problems in shopping contexts, and add and subtract money using column addition and counting up; add and subtract decimal numbers choosing an appropriate strategy, and add decimal numbers with different numbers of places using column addition;

Have a good week,

Ms Chalkiopoulou