A quiet blog = A busy Seesaw!


As you may have noticed we have been a bit quiet on the blog front but that does not mean the class is quiet. We have been testing the Seesaw digital portfolio system with great success! This will in future take over for the daily achievements of the children and serve as a message port for parents.

It’s really great to see all the parental involvement and the children notice this and it inspires them to add the pieces of work that they are most proud of. In addition the children love reviewing and commenting on their friends work.

Collaborative. Creative. Connecting.

Performance Poetry!

Our children have been working hard at learning and making their very own Performance Poems. We looked at Bruce Lansky’s I’d Rather as an amusing start!

I’d Rather

I’d rather wash the dishes

I’d rather kiss a frog.

I’d rather get an F in maths

or run a ten-mile jog.

I’d rather do my homework.

I’d rather mow the lawn.

I’d rather take the garbage out.

I’d rather wake at dawn.

I’d rather dine on Brussels sprouts

or catch the chicken pox.

I’d rather do most anything

than clean the litter box.

The children used this as a guide to perform their version of the poem focusing on:

  • Volume
  • Pace
  • Pauses
  • Expression
  • Different voices
  • Background sounds
  • Body positions

We’ve got homework, hooray!

Hello parents and students,

We have our first mini-homework project coming home today.

Children are to complete their own Food Journal for the week. Children can fill in beginning with today, Friday September 30th. Children fill in the boxes when they eat and what they eat. Please fill in each item including the drink during the meal. By starting Friday it can be returned filled in by next Friday, October 7th, 2016. We will then look for patterns in our eating habits as well as look at different dishes from around the world.

Please guide your child but please let them fill it in and make it their responsibility.

Happy eating!

P.E Clothes


Starting this week children are required to wear the school P.E. outfit for each gym session. We are completing P.E. on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s each week. They can come to school in it already, that is fine. I would like to encourage parents to make bringing in P.E. clothes the responsibility of your child. Even better would be for the P.E clothes to come to school on Monday fresh and clean and be brought home on Friday.

Be active and have fun!

WOW! It is hot…..


Tomorrow will be the (hopefully) last day of this unusual mid-September heat wave. For this we will celebrate by having a small water festival (not fight, hehe). Since it is a P.E. day we ask the children to bring in their sport clothes and expect them to get a wet. This will hopefully cool us off enough and send off the heat wave in a fun manner!


Summer over….apparently not :)

The lovely weather continues in the Netherlands. We will be seeing weather in at or above 30°C for most of the week. Thus would be a first for the Netherlands! It will obviously affect or daily schedule as we try to keep the children relatively cool and comfortable. 

Please make sure your children bring their water bottles. Refreshing fruit choices are always welcome!

Stay cool ISB community!

Green Homework Bags

Hello Parents and Students,

Please from Monday September 12th, 2016 can you send in their green homework/ book bags. They should go home and come back each day. At the moment it should contain one levelled reading book, their reading diary and a library book. Please do not use it for P.E. clothes or snacks, thank you.

In addition, children’s work will periodically be sent home in this same bag. Thus, take a look to see what your child is reading and what they have been doing.



Sports Day in Coming!

The date is set and the athletes are making their final preparations!

Our Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children are having their own dedicated sports day on the school premises.This will take place on Monday 4th July. All children will need a plain white t-shirt.

Parents are invited to come and watch from 1.15 – 2.30. If the weather is bad, this will be held a day later on Tuesday 5th July.

Carnaval at ISB!

Here in Kielegat (Breda) we are getting ready for fun during Carnaval and ISB is no different.

We are going to be making a funny float with the class to parade around the school. Also, our children will get to dress up in their silliest outfits and performa dance for the school. We look forward to a crazy Carnaval time in Year 1.

Just a reminder that Friday February 5th, 2016 is a half day and will end at 12:00.

Our P.E. times are in!

Well, after many discussions it seems we have our allotted Gym times for the year. We are very fortunate to be joining Mrs. Hagenaars Year 2 class for gym and this will surely add to our gym play.

Our gym time will every Wednesday and Friday from 1:45-2:30. Our P.E. bags stay at school with their gym shoes (non-marking sole), white gym shirt and green shorts. Please add the gym items before next Wednesday.