A quiet blog = A busy Seesaw!


As you may have noticed we have been a bit quiet on the blog front but that does not mean the class is quiet. We have been testing the Seesaw digital portfolio system with great success! This will in future take over for the daily achievements of the children and serve as a message port for parents.

It’s really great to see all the parental involvement and the children notice this and it inspires them to add the pieces of work that they are most proud of. In addition the children love reviewing and commenting on their friends work.

Collaborative. Creative. Connecting.

Column Addition

As the video shows above our children have been discovering (or rediscovering) different written strategies to solve problems. For 3-digit addition we looked at column addition. This strategy adds the units (ones) column, followed by the tens and finally the hundreds.

Extension: This strategy is applicable for numbers below or beyond the hundreds column!

Telling time can be tricky…

This week the we have been exploring time. Time can be very tricky for children and our focus has been:

  • calculate time intervals in hours and minutes.
  • tell the time on analogue and digital clocks.
  • compare durations of events to calculate the time taken

For extra practice children can head to Read Clocks and Write Time

Also, children can add context to time by a few questions:

  • What time of day is breakfast, lunch and dinner?
  • What time is bedtime?
  • What time is school?
  • What time is my swim lesson?

Place Value!

In Math we have be exploring place value and the importance of identifying the value of numbers in 4-digit numbers. Our class thought is was too was but when one of the digits was zero, some confusion surfaced.

Here’s a video to help us remember:

Perfect Place Value Year 4!

Green Homework Bags

Hello Parents and Students,

Please from Monday September 12th, 2016 can you send in their green homework/ book bags. They should go home and come back each day. At the moment it should contain one levelled reading book, their reading diary and a library book. Please do not use it for P.E. clothes or snacks, thank you.

In addition, children’s work will periodically be sent home in this same bag. Thus, take a look to see what your child is reading and what they have been doing.



Hello and Welcome to Year 4!

Thursday September 8th, 2016

Dear Parents,

I just wanted to take this time to bring you up to date on a few happenings and routines here in the Year 4 class.

We have begun rolling out the homework packages to support your child’s development. First, we have levelled the books for each child. Some books you may have already seen, that’s fine. Work with your child to improve their comprehension. They will change their books when necessary. Please read with your child they are not too old yet 🙂 They will also bring a library book home once a week that is their choice and interests them, it will also be changed regularly each week on Friday.

Our Maths program is supported by Mathletics where children can reinforce and challenge their learning. Their login code and password is located in their reading diary. In addition there is Reading Eggspress and Spellodrome, their login details are also located in their reading diary. This program will aid their word comprehension and summarisation strategies. Finally, we will be sending home special projects periodically for children to complete to extend their learning.

Gym times are still to be determined as schedules are being finalised with Mencia for gym allocations. On gym days children need to bring their school sport clothes and shoes.

Finally, always check our Weblog to keep in touch and click the link on the weblog to reach our Instagram page!

Kind regards,

Mr. Maddocks

Maths Review Time!

It is that time of the year where we wrap up and review concepts learned throughout the year. It’s a great time to consolidate learning to build a solid foundation for the challenging work in Year 2.

Weekly Summary

  • Tell the time to the half hour and quarter hour on analogue clocks and begin to read these times on digital clocks;
  • revise months of the year; read, interpret and create a pictogram; begin to recognise and read block graphs;
  • measure lengths using non-standard, uniform units;
  • recognise and name simple 2D and 3D shapes and continue repeating patterns

Time for Telling Time!

We are warming up the brains with some time explorations in Numeracy.

Children have been reviewing time to the hour and are exploring the half an quarter hour measurements. We have been using interactive clocks and real clocks to tell time in analogue and digital form.

Help your children tell time for their day:

  • What time is breakfast?
  • What time is school?
  • What time is school finished?
  • What time do we eat dinner?
  • What time is bedtime?


Maths Focus this week…

Weekly Summary

Here’s what we will be exploring this week in Numeracy. We’ll find and begin to know doubles to double 10; revise pairs to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and derive related subtraction facts; use knowledge of pairs of 10 to make pairs to 20; use number facts to solve word problems.

Nifty Numbers!