A quiet blog = A busy Seesaw!


As you may have noticed we have been a bit quiet on the blog front but that does not mean the class is quiet. We have been testing the Seesaw digital portfolio system with great success! This will in future take over for the daily achievements of the children and serve as a message port for parents.

It’s really great to see all the parental involvement and the children notice this and it inspires them to add the pieces of work that they are most proud of. In addition the children love reviewing and commenting on their friends work.

Collaborative. Creative. Connecting.

Performance Poetry!

Our children have been working hard at learning and making their very own Performance Poems. We looked at Bruce Lansky’s I’d Rather as an amusing start!

I’d Rather

I’d rather wash the dishes

I’d rather kiss a frog.

I’d rather get an F in maths

or run a ten-mile jog.

I’d rather do my homework.

I’d rather mow the lawn.

I’d rather take the garbage out.

I’d rather wake at dawn.

I’d rather dine on Brussels sprouts

or catch the chicken pox.

I’d rather do most anything

than clean the litter box.

The children used this as a guide to perform their version of the poem focusing on:

  • Volume
  • Pace
  • Pauses
  • Expression
  • Different voices
  • Background sounds
  • Body positions

Opa and Oma Week: Guest Readers

We would love for our Opa’s, Oma’s and friends to come read to the children this week. Just let Mr. Maddocks know what time is best. We will have open slots every morning this week. Just add your name to the sign-up sheet. I will bring it out each morning and afternoon as children are being dropped off and picked up.

We cannot wait to each a variety of stories from some of our most important people in our lives, OPA and OMA! Voor altijd jong!

Book Week is almost here!

Dear Parents,


We are very excited to announce that this year’s ISB Book Week will take part from Monday 17th  to Friday 21st October 2016. This year we have decided to adopt the theme that is currently running in most Dutch School’s for their Kinderboekenweek 2016. The theme is Opa en Oma (“Grandfather and Grandmother”) with the central motto being Voor altijd jong (“Forever Young”).

We appreciate that not all grandparents live nearby and that sadly, some are no longer with us. Our team will be very sensitive to this. Throughout this week the children can focus on a special relationship they have with their grandparents or with another adult. If you know your child is particularly sensitive about this subject, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

We have planned a range of really exciting activities to boost the children’s passion for books. The purpose of this letter is to inform you about how we would like you to be involved with these activities. The timetable of activities for the week will be as follows:

Monday 17th October: Bedtime Story Morning

To launch our Book Week, we kindly ask that all children come to school dressed in their pyjamas.  During the morning, the children will be treated to milk, a cookie and a story. Naturally the children need to be dressed appropriately for the weather and be able to participate fully in the school day e.g. morning sports, outdoor playtime. Therefore the children can bring in a dressing gown or sleep clothes that can be worn over their normal clothes.

Tuesday 18th: Wednesday 19 & Thursday 20 October

Throughout these days, class teachers will carry out a variety of in-class activities. For Years 2 – 6, one of the activities will involve the children writing a performance poem about their grandparents. This will be performed to their class and the best performance poet from each class will take part in the final of the Poetry Reading Competition in Friday’s assembly. The Year 2 – 6 assembly will begin at 2.15pm. In Nursery, Reception and Year 1, the children will learn a grandparent-inspired song to perform in their Friday assembly which will begin at 2pm.

In addition to this, grandparents are invited to come into school to read their favourite children’s story book to their grandchild’s class. If a grandparent is interested in taking part, please have a chat with your child’s class teacher as soon as possible. We actively encourage grandparents to read a book in their native language.

Thursday 20 October: ‘How do you read with your grandparents?’ Competition Deadline

For this year’s Book Week competition, children will need to hand a photograph to their class teacher of them enjoying a book with their grandparents (or special adult as mentioned at the beginning of the letter). Pictures will be judged per year group, meaning there is a chance for one child from each year group to win a prize! Photos will be judged on their creativity. The more creative entries,  for example enjoying a book with your grandparent whilst skydiving (!), will stand a greater a chance of winning. Children need to hand all photos to their class teacher by 09:00 on Thursday 20 October. The winning entries will be announced on Friday 21 October in our Book Week assemblies.

Friday 21st October: Grandparent dress-up day; Parade; “Readathon”; Poetry Reading Competition Final; Competition winners announced

To end our Book Week, we kindly ask that all children come to school dressed as an Opa or Oma  (Grandpa/Grandma). During the morning, the children will parade their costumes to the rest of the school. During the day, the children will be read a story by each class teacher, as part of a ‘Readathon’.

Parents and grandparents are invited to an assembly in the afternoon (2 pm for Reception, Nursery and Year 1 and 2.15pm for Years 2 – 6).  The assemblies will showcase the activities completed in class. The Poetry Reading Competition Final will take place during the assembly and the photo competition winners will be announced.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Primary team.

Kind regards,

Mr Matthew Scragg
Leader of Literacy

Verbal Irony and Sarcasm

During our Power of Reading book, Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre, Oliver and our mermaid Iris met some interesting Seaweed in the Sarcastic Sea. The were saying things that could be nice but their use of tone and attitude revealed them to be Verbal Irony and also Sarcasm. Cheeky Seaweed!

The children then role-played the scenes and added their own Verbal Irony examples. We has some real winners! But we also had to discuss that Sarcasm can be hurtful sometimes and thus it should be used with caution.

Have a great day! (That was not verbal irony, I really mean it, have a great day!)

We’ve got homework, hooray!

Hello parents and students,

We have our first mini-homework project coming home today.

Children are to complete their own Food Journal for the week. Children can fill in beginning with today, Friday September 30th. Children fill in the boxes when they eat and what they eat. Please fill in each item including the drink during the meal. By starting Friday it can be returned filled in by next Friday, October 7th, 2016. We will then look for patterns in our eating habits as well as look at different dishes from around the world.

Please guide your child but please let them fill it in and make it their responsibility.

Happy eating!

Paper Clip Challenge!


The paperclip as we know it was first used in Great Britain by the Gem Manufacturing Company in 1870. That’s a very long time for something to stay in service doing much the same thing it always did – hold papers together efficiently and cost-effectively.

Of course, like most remnants from the 19th century, the humble paperclip has been invented and reinvented again and again, but the original ‘gem’ version is still the best. Most notably because you can do so much more with a gem paperclip than simply clip papers. The paperclip has turned out to be one of the most useful and inventive objects ever invented.

Our class challenge today is for our class to work in small groups to discover how many different uses they can find for the humble paperclip. They will then justify and present their findings to the class. 

How many can you think of?

Year 4 Paperclip Inventions!

  1. Cookie Cutter
  2. Lego Figure Tool
  3. Art Supply
  4. Jewellery Flower
  5. Ring
  6. Non-Standard Ruler
  7. Key
  8. Small Ball
  9. Jewellery
  10. Noseclip
  11. Lollipop Stick
  12. Hair clip
  13. Needle
  14. Antenna
  15. Bookmark
  16. Fishing Hook
  17. Earring
  18. Guitar Pick
  19. Hanger
  20. Braces
  21. Folders
  22. Chain
  23. Fix glasses
  24. Skewer
  25. Sundial
  26. Writing tool/ Mark making tool
  27. Golf tee
  28. Toothpick
  29. Math shapes
  30. Nail
  31. Stir stick

Just to name a few…

Green Homework Bags

Hello Parents and Students,

Please from Monday September 12th, 2016 can you send in their green homework/ book bags. They should go home and come back each day. At the moment it should contain one levelled reading book, their reading diary and a library book. Please do not use it for P.E. clothes or snacks, thank you.

In addition, children’s work will periodically be sent home in this same bag. Thus, take a look to see what your child is reading and what they have been doing.



Hello and Welcome to Year 4!

Thursday September 8th, 2016

Dear Parents,

I just wanted to take this time to bring you up to date on a few happenings and routines here in the Year 4 class.

We have begun rolling out the homework packages to support your child’s development. First, we have levelled the books for each child. Some books you may have already seen, that’s fine. Work with your child to improve their comprehension. They will change their books when necessary. Please read with your child they are not too old yet 🙂 They will also bring a library book home once a week that is their choice and interests them, it will also be changed regularly each week on Friday.

Our Maths program is supported by Mathletics where children can reinforce and challenge their learning. Their login code and password is located in their reading diary. In addition there is Reading Eggspress and Spellodrome, their login details are also located in their reading diary. This program will aid their word comprehension and summarisation strategies. Finally, we will be sending home special projects periodically for children to complete to extend their learning.

Gym times are still to be determined as schedules are being finalised with Mencia for gym allocations. On gym days children need to bring their school sport clothes and shoes.

Finally, always check our Weblog to keep in touch and click the link on the weblog to reach our Instagram page!

Kind regards,

Mr. Maddocks