Anti bullying week

The children in Year 1 have been working very hard this week. We have been reinforcing the message that we are all friends. We have been learning how to get along together and resolve problems if they occur. 

The children have identified people they trust who they can go to if they have a problem.

Below is a song we have been using in school to help reinforce our anti bullying work.

Bear words 

We will be checking the children’s bear words tomorrow. The children will be given new words to learn when they can write all of the ones they are working on correctly.

It is important that you regularly revisit previous bear words to help your child(ren) to commit them to memory. This will really help them to improve their independent writing. 

Below is a video showing the first 100 high frequency words. Your child is working towards learning to read and write all of these independently.

Home activity- May Holiday 

In our school we all speak out against bullying. 
Speak to your family about what this means to you.
Your home activity is to make something which shows this; this could be a poster, drawing, a poem, song or even a role play. It is up to you how you will to do this. Be prepared to bring in or talk about your home activity on the week beginning Monday 6th May, during our Anti-Bullying Week. 

Trip to Jan de Rijk 

On Thursday 13th April Year 1 children were treated to an amazing trip to Jan de Rijk Logistics in Roosendaal as their IPC exit point for their current unit, ‘transport’.They were given a talk by Mr Scholte CEO, outlining what the company does, the history of the company and where they travel too. We also found out what they transport….. t-rex skeletons, pandas and jet engines to name a few things!

Each child was given the opportunity to ride in the drivers cab of a real Jan de Rijk truck! 

It was a super, fun trip and a great experience for all!

A big thank you to all the parents who helped and Jan de Rijk for their fabulous hospitality 


Dear Parents,

We are sending a few reading books, bear words, spelling practise sheets and Library books home today.

As of today your child(ren) should keep their books and book bags home until after the May vacation. This is the last time we will be changing books before the holiday as the rest of the days are special days (school trip, university courses and Konningsdag.)


It is great if you read the books a few times as this is good practise.

Please remember if you would like to read more books you can always visit the reading eggpress online site. Log on and go to the library section and you will find a selection of 4000 books for your child to read.

To do this go to

And select the reading eggspress button. Your child’s log in details are stuck in the front of their yellow reading diary.

Enjoy the long Easter weekend


Best Wishes

Mrs Hagenaars and Miss Fernandez

Numeracy- the time ⏰

Dear Parents

This week the children have been working on telling the time (hours and half hours) using digital and analogue clocks. They have all made their own clocks and taken them home.

Mathletics has great activity units to support this learning . It would be wonderful if all children could have a go on them. 

We wonder if all children in Year 1 can get their Mathletics certificate this week? (You need 1000 points to earn this)

Best Wishes 

Karen and Andrea 

The next two weeks 

Dear Parents 
Mother’s day is in the May holiday so we would like to make something with the children before the holidays. Please can each mum send a picture of them with their child to me via email. ?

The school trip to Jan de Rijk will be on Thursday 13th April. Children should be dropped off at the normal time (8.40am). We will be departing promptly at 9.20am. Parents who are attending the trip can wait in the out of school room. 

We will be returning to school from approximately 1.45pm. We will then take part in the Easter egg hunt organized by the Parents Association on our return to school. Children do not need to bring their book bag that day.

We will be testing the children’s bear words on WEDNESDAY 12th April. This will be the the final check before the May holiday. If needed, we will give them new words then.

The week of 18th-20th April is the children’s university activity days and the 21st April is our Konningsdag celebrations. As there will be lots of movement between classes, children will not need book bags at school this week.

Have a great weekend …. enjoy the sunshine!

Karen and Andrea


This week we have been revising our High Frequency words and the ‘ure’, ‘ear’ and ‘oy’ sounds. It would be great if you could practice these at home.

Children are expected to be able to read and write the sight words.


Please remember that tomorrow (Thursday 30th March) is mother tongue language day and on Friday 31st March it is a teacher training day so there is no school for the children. 

The children don’t need to bring their book bags tomorrow.

Miss Fernández and myself have given the children new books today and also an additional spelling sheet to practice their bear words. We will test it the children next Friday (7th April)

Have a lovely, sunny long weekend!

Kind Regards 

Karen Hagenaars