Dips Mathletics challenge 2015

Dear Parents on Friday 30th January the children from Year 1 to MYP 1 will be taking part in the annual Dips Mathletics challenge. Each age group will be given a time slot of 30mins where they will be playing against other children of the same age all over The Netherlands. Dips (Dutch International Primary Schools) from Den Haag, Eindhoven, Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam amongst others will be competing.
Each point your child gains in their ‘live Mathletics’ games during the 30 minutes will count towards their total. Trophies and certificates will be awarded for highest scoring children, classes and schools.
In order to give your child the best chance in the competition please let the practice little and often on the ‘live Mathletics’ section of Mathletics. Please ask if you need any further explanation.
Best Wishes
Karen Hagenaars

Investigating 2d shapes

We have been challenging ourself to investigate 2 dimensional shapes. This may sound simple but did you know that an equilateral triangle is also a polygon? And that a right angled triangle can also be an scalene triangle? And that a regular pentagon has lines of symmetry but an irregular pentagon may not? Confused? We are not we are shape experts in Dove Class!
We made our own Venn and Carroll diagrams to classify the 2d shapes
There's no fooling Frederique! She knows her shapes

What trainable am I?
2d shape challenge with Mrs Hagenaars

Improving our mental Maths skills

This week we have been working hard to improve our mental Maths skills. We have been using lots of the new resources which Mrs Hagenaars has made. In pairs, we used a subtraction race game to see how fast we could travel around the board. We also used loop games to partition numbers to 1,000. It was such fun, after playing the games, some children even asked when the Maths lesson was starting!

Working hard

Marvelous Maths!

Today we looked at number words and figures up to 100, 000. The children were each given individual number cards. They had to stand up and answer true or false to a series of statements like……. My hundred digit is even, my tens digit is bigger than five, I am greater than double two hundred. To finish the session we ordered our number cards from largest to smallest. The children did an amazing job!