Dear Parents,

This week we will be learning all about weight and volume (capacity).We used Matheletics in class today to support our learning. The children really enjoyed the activities it offered.

It would be great if you could revisit this at home with your child.

To find it log in to and use your child’s user name and password, which can be found it their yellow reading diary.

On the main activities menu click on MEASUREMENT

Then you will find all of the activities!

Kind Regards

Karen Hagenaars

Bears trip (Year 1)

Year 1 will be joining Nursery and Reception on a school trip to the zoo (Ouwehands Dierenpark, Grebbeweg 111, 3911 AV Rhenen) on Tuesday 6th June.
We will be departing school at 9am prompt. We will return to school for 2.45pm (normal pick up time).
Children will need to bring their own easy to carry bag, packed lunch (easy to eat), snack and water bottle. We are not visiting the gift shop so they will not need to bring spending money with them.
This is to support our new Power of Reading book, ‘The Princess and the White Bear King’. This zoo is the only zoo in Holland to have polar bears, and coincidently this is the zoo where Jan de Rijk safely delivered the Panda’s back in April!

Next week in Numeracy

Next week in Numeracy we will be looking at capacity. To get ready for this below is something fun to do at home.

There are 1000ml in one litre (l). There are 100cl in one litre (l).

*Please read the labels on cartons or bottles at home and write down how much fluid they contain.   State whether this is MORE or LESS than 1 litre.


Container or Fluid  

Volume in ml, cl or l


Is it MORE or LESS than 1 litre?

Juice carton




LESS than 1 litre

























This week we have been looking at 1 more, 1 less, 10 more and 10 less of any given number to 100. The children have been looking at counting in 10’s from any given number. For example 2,12,22,32,42,52. We have looked at patterns with number- what changes in a number if you add 10? We have also counted stacks of 10cent and 1 cent coins to find the total.

For example- 5 x 10 cents = 50 

                         3 x 1 cents = 3 cents

Makes 53 in total

This is a good support tool in explaining this

Anti bullying week

The children in Year 1 have been working very hard this week. We have been reinforcing the message that we are all friends. We have been learning how to get along together and resolve problems if they occur. 

The children have identified people they trust who they can go to if they have a problem.

Below is a song we have been using in school to help reinforce our anti bullying work.

Bear words 

We will be checking the children’s bear words tomorrow. The children will be given new words to learn when they can write all of the ones they are working on correctly.

It is important that you regularly revisit previous bear words to help your child(ren) to commit them to memory. This will really help them to improve their independent writing. 

Below is a video showing the first 100 high frequency words. Your child is working towards learning to read and write all of these independently.