Happy Carnival

Dear Parents
We have checked the children’s Bear words yesterday. If they have got all of their spellings correct they will be given their new set of words after the carnival holidays (Friday 10th March). As a school we are NOT giving spellings during the holiday.

Your children has been given new books for the holidays. Your child should NOT bring their book bag tomorrow. If your child has already read some of the books they have been given today it is fine for them to read them again. This is good practise.

Please remember that we finish school at 12 o’clock today.

Best Wishes
Karen Hagenaars and Andrea Fernandez

Jigsaw Lesson (SEAL)

We used the book, ‘We are all going on a bear hunt’, by Michael Rosen to talk about over coming obstacles that get in our way. The children wanted me to put this on the blog as they found it a really fun story.

We talked about this concept in relation to our own learning. Talk to your child about this at home. How can they help themselves to become more effective learners. Some ideas we had were, sitting next to a person I don’t chat to, using a hundreds square to help with my counting, and listening carefully when the teacher explains what to do.

Weekly update 12/02/2017

What a busy week!


In Numeracy this week we have been looking at 3d (solid) shapes. We have spoken in detail about characteristics of 3d shapes, we have classified shapes by there properties (faces, edges and vertices) and we have found 3d shapes in our local environment. 

If your child is using Mathletics at home to support their learning it would be great if they worked on the units on 2d and 3d shapes. If you need any advice on how to use Mathletics at home please pop in to see us.

In our mental starters we have continued to work on number bonds and matching digits to their corresponding number names. We played a game which the children really liked. They have all brought one home with them which you may like to play with your child at home, this would be really helpful 😊


We have been making our own pictures of Grace in The Gambia (which look amazing!). To help us with this we watched a short documentary on life in The Gambia and afterwards we talked about the sights and sounds.

We have been writing postcards and factual writing about The 🇬🇲 Gambia. Ask your child about the country, can they remember facts they have learnt?

We have also continued to develop our understanding of the long I sound (ie, y, igh and i-e)


We have been working on looking at transportation. We have also been looking at the different ways we travel to school.

Over the new few weeks we will be completing different projects which require junk modeling materials. If you have any please send them in with your child.

Carnival is fast approaching. The class will be preforming a little dance to the rest of Primary to this song.

Please play it at home and see if your child can sing along with it (particularly the chorus)

Best Wishes 

Karen Hagenaars and Andrea Fernández 

Numeracy game

Just to let you know a couple of things, We have sent home a Numeracy game for each child in their book bags today, this is to help them with their speed addition. It would be great if you could play it with your child.


Requests for help

Over the next few weeks we will have some different projects going on which require junk materials,eg. lids for wheels, boxes, kitchen roll tubes, egg boxes etc. If you have anything like this please send them into school with your child.

we will also be making pictures/paintings based on our Literacy book, Grace and Family by Mary Hoffman. We need a small amount of bright cloth (think African traditional dress) if anyone has this or something similar and can donate it please can you send it in? Please note it will be cut up and not returned.

Have a lovely weekend everyone 

Best Wishes Karen Hagenaars and Andrea Fernández