Welcome back!

Dear Parents 

Sorry for the delay in this blog post, we had to reinstall some software and it caused a few problems.

We have launched into our new IPC topic, Transport, from A to B. The children have been working in teams to build space rockets with launch pads. This was a fun activity and really tested our collaboration and cooperation skills. You will find photographs from this activity on our class instagram page.

This week we have been looking at the ow, oa and o-e spellings for the long o sound.

In Numeracy we are working on rapid recall of number bonds to 10 and 20. Children should know their number bonds rapidly and by heart. If they do not please support your child to learn them.

 All a number bond is a pair of numbers that add up to another number. 

The number bonds for 7 are – 0+7, 1+6, 2+5 or 3+4. A child who learns these sums add up to 7 will quickly see that if you reverse them to 7+0, 6+1, 5+2 or 4+3 they also make 7. 

Number bonds provide a mental picture of the relationship between 2 numbers. These mental pictures are the key to enabling your child to do mental arithmetic. 

Knowing addition number bonds means that your child will understand subtraction with ease. If they know that 3+4 = 7 they will quickly realise that when they see 7-4 = ?, the answer is 3 because by a process of elimination 3 is the missing number in this number bond. It helps children to see that subtraction is a mirror image of addition. They begin to see the patterns in numbers and to learn mathematical principles rather than having to memorise each individual sum.

Games/ideas  For practicing Number Bonds

Rolling 2 dice and asking them to add the dice together is a good way for them to practice their number bonds. 

Also making some number cards and getting your children to match the cards that make 10, for example, 7 + 3 = 10

As is getting them to help you to lay the table, but only give them enough plates for some of the guests. Then ask them to work out how many more plates are needed and tell you. If you have 10 guests give them 7 plates and let them tell you they need 3 more.