Optional tasks

Dear Parents,


We realise that many of you are away during the Christmas Holidays so the following homework suggestions are completely optional.


  • Make a poster about our new personal learning goal, ‘resilience’. Can you think of a time when you have been resilient? For example, learning to ride your bike? Or, can you think of a famous person who has shown resilience in their life?
  • Straight after the holidays it is our turn to make the International news display. Can your child find a news article, make a poster or write about a news article, which they have found interesting? Please bring this to school with you on the first day back after the holidays.


Handy websites to support your learning at home.









Also, go to www.youtube.com and type the following into the search engine

  • alphablocks 2) numberjacks or 3) nina and the neurons for full episodes of very good educational programs for your child to watch.


Have a lovely, safe holiday and we will see you in the new year!


Best wishes

Mrs Hagenaars and Miss Fernandez

Tips for practising the bear words (High Frequency Words)

The children will have a spelling check of their bear words on Thursday. Over the holidays they will not have the formal spelling sheet with them but will have their flashcards.

Please make sure your child practice s all of the flashcards so they don’t forget the words they have previously learned. 

Remember, they should be able to read and independently spell these words without sounding them out.

Can your child make sentences using the words? 

Can they write full sentences using the words?

Look at a book at home, how many times can you find each word?

Money maths

We have been doing lots of practical activities involving money in Numeracy this week. A lot of the activities are really fun and can be done at home to reinforce your child’s learning.

Grab a small amount of 1c, 2c and 10c coins. See if your child can estimate how much you have and then count them together.

Give your child an amount to make- for example 15c

How many different ways can your child make it? 

For example 10c + 5c

                          5c + 5c + 5c

                  Or   10c + 2c + 2c + 1c

Once your child gains confidence you can increase the value they should make.

Finally, play shops! Price everyday objects. Can your child select the right money to buy each object? If they pay with a larger amount (coin) can they work out the change by counting on?

What are we doing in class this week?

Literacy- We have been looking at ck words. We have been writing facts about teeth. We have been writing recounts about special events.

Ask your child to listen to words. Can they identify the sounds? Can they spell them by sounding them out?

Numeracy- we have been ordering numbers to 100, counting forwards and backwards in tens. We have been looking at the value of coins. Adding them together and giving change.💶💷

This is a great educational series for your child to watch at home to help support their Numetacy learning.

Ipc- we have been developing our understanding of teeth and taste buds. We have been finding out about herbivores and carnivores.🐂🐖🐎🐼🐰

And finally don’t forget the Christmas Concert…. Friday 9th December at 10am! We are looking forward to seeing you then. 

Don’t forget to practice the words for our songs with your child, especially to let it snow. ⛄️❄️⛄️❄️

Best Wishes 

Karen Hagenaars and Andrea Fernandez

Christmas holidays

Dear Parents,

As you will be aware, this week we have collected the children’s reading and Library books. This is to enable us to do a full stock take and updated inventory of the library and reading stage books. Please look around at home for any books you may have misplaced and return them as soon as possible.

We will be testing the children’s bear words (high frequency words) on Thursday where we will give you the flashcards appropriate for your child. You can keep these for the holidays. We will not be issuing formal spellings (the look, cover, write sheet). 

All the online programs will be available throughout the holidays. Reading Eggspress has over 4,000 books which you can read online. You log into this with your reading eggs password.

Have a wonderful holiday 

Best wishes

Karen Hagenaars and Andrea Fernandez


This clip provides you with everything you need to know about Mathletics 

Regular use has shown to improve children’s attainment in Numeracy.

I would recommend a little and often approach.

If you need more help using the program please ask,

Best Wishes 

Karen Hagenaars