Useful information 

Numeracy-The children have been working really hard on addition and subtraction. One if the best ways to practice this at home is to play board games which involve counting like snakes and ladders. Also keep practicing number bonds to 10 and 20. Children should be able to recall these instantly. 

Literacy- we have been writing short adenture stories focusing on writing in full sentences (capital letters and full stops), using adjectives for description and also remembering to leave finger spaces between words.

Ipc- we have been learning all about teeth and tadte buds. Ask your child if they can remember the different tastes…….

Magical maths

This week we have been adding and taking away numbers to 30. One way of practising this is to play fun board games like snakes and ladders. This is something you can do at home to help consolidate your childs learning.

Classroom rules

As a class we have been working hard on managing our behaviour and working to the best of our abilities. The children have written their own classroom rules. Each child will be sent home with a copy of the rules they have written. Please talk about these rules with your children and encourage them to follow them. This will help us to achieve a happy and productive learning environment.

Classroom Rules


  1. Sit properly and do not talk or shout out on the carpet.
  2. We play nicely- no fighting games and always sharing and taking turns.
  3. We do not interrupt.
  4. We listen carefully, in lessons and to instructions.
  5. We line up silently.
  6. We use classroom voices.
  7. We wait patiently for our turn.
  8. We keep the classroom tidy and clean up after ourselves after lunch and snack.
  9. We treat each other with respect.
  10. We look after our own belongings (e.g. PE kits, reading book) and school property.

The Reading Challenge

We had our first reading royality in Year 1 today!

Remember this is a year long initiative. Each time you read at home remember to get your yellow reading  diary signed. If you read at home 60 times you will be the reading king or queen. It is possible to do this more than once. When you reach 60 you will start again at 0.

Positional language

This week we are working on positional language and direction.

We have been developing our understanding of the following terms, left, right, forwards, backwards, between, next to, beside, in front and behind.

Mrs Hagenaars was a blindfolded human robot in Numeracy today. The children needed to direct her around the classroom avoiding obstacles. This is a great game for you to play at home to help your child to develop their positional language.

Number bonds to 10

Children are better equipped to make progress if they can recall number facts very quickly. These facts are ‘just known’ by children. By improving skills of rapid recall they will make better progress in Numeracy.

One of the most important number facts for children to learn are their number bonds to 10.

For example 10 + 0 = 10

                           7 + 3 = 10

Children need to learn these by heart and recall them rapidly. Last Friday I sent home a game for you to play with your child to help them to do this.