Espresso Education at home

Dear Parents, 

As a school we are members of Espresso, an educational website ran by Discovery Education. We use it regularly to enhance children’s learning in class. The children can use the pupil site at home. Below are the log in details.

Log in- student44000

Password- isbisb

At the log in tab at the right hand side of the page you need to click on espesso.

The children in Year 1 are in Key Stage 1. Have fun exploring and let us know how you get on!

Best Wishes

Karen Hagenaars and Andrea Fernandez

Kinderboeken week

We started this fun week by having a bedtime story dressed in our pajamas. All the children were treated to milk and cookies as Mrs Hagenaars read us her favourite bedtime story, the Gingerbread Man.

Getting comfy for story time

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During the week we will be making two class books- one will be about our visit to the sealife centre and the second will be a non fiction book celebrating our work on ‘The Emperors Egg’. Please come to look at them when they are finished. 

We have been pleased that so many Opas, Omas , mums and dads have volunteered to read to the class during this week. If you haven’t volunteered yet but would like to come into read please come and see us to arrange a time!

For great hints and tips about reading with your child and fostering a life long love of reading, please view the two following sites by copying the addresses into you web broswer: –

Best Wishes

Mrs Hagenaars and Miss Fernandez 

Marvelous Maths ✏️✂️📗

This week in maths we have been working hard to classify 2d shapes using venn diagrams. We have been looking at each shapes properties, for example number of sides, number of corners, number of straight edges.

If you log into matheletics this weekend please direct your child to the activities to do with shape and patterns as this will support the work they have done in class this week.


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Beautiful symmetry

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The children have also been investigating symmetry in shapes.

This video helps explain this new concept further so please watch it with your child to help support their learning.

It would also be great if your child can find examples of symmetry in the world around them. It they find something (a leaf etc) or take a picture please bring it into class to show. 

As mentioned in the parents newsletter, I will be running a parents information session on Numeracy on Wednesday 22nd November, I hope you will all be able to make it.

Best Wishes

Karen Hagenaars and Andrea Fernandez

Exciting IPC 

As part of our IPC unit, ‘you are what you eat’ we have been learning about different food groups and how we grow plants and vegetables. We have each planted seeds and bulbs and are keeping seed diaries to monitor the growth. 

Week two…… How has our seed changed?

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We have had some interesting observations.

The seed gets bigger as it absorbs the water from the soil-Abhiram 

The seed splits open as the shoot pushes out- Alex

The roots suck up the water from the soil- Vanessa

Completing our seed diary

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We watched this time lapse video in class which really helped to bring the topic to life. Please watch it with your child and see what they can tell you about how the seed changes.

Sealife Centre trip!

On Friday 14th October Years 1 and 2 will be visiting to the Sealife Centre in Scheveningen to support our recent power of reading books, The Emperors  Egg (yr 1) and The snail and the whale (yr 2). 

We will be departing promptly from school at 8.45am, children should arrive earlier for school on this day at 8.30am. Please make sure you are here on time as if you are not, due to our tight schedule, we will have to leave without you.

At around 10am will eat our snack on the bus, on route to the Sealife Centre. Once arriving at the Sealife Centre at 10.15am we will have our interactive educational talk about penguins and other sea creatures. Next we will tour the centre, and have lunch. Our final activity will be observing the penguins being fed.

We will depart the Sealife centre at 1.15pm, aiming to arrive back at school for the end of day at 2.45pm.

It is sure to be a fun, exciting and educational trip!

Your children do not need to bring money as we will not be visiting the gift shop.

Each child is responsible for their own belongings and will be carrying their own bag.

Please pack an easily transportable and easy to eat packed lunch and snack. Children should all have a named water bottle with them.

Electronic games etc should not be brought on the trip as they may get lost or broken.

Children should not bring their bookbag or reading book on this day. We will give new spellings/ reading books for the weekend on Thursday this week.

If you have any more questions please see your childs class teacher

Best wishes

The Year 1 and Year 2 team


Dear Parents,

Here are a few reminders of our weekly timetable and special projects. 

We will go to the library every Wednesday.  Children need to have their library book in their book bag on a Wednesday. They can borrow two books or one book and DVD at a time. The children choose their books independently, therefore they may be more challenging than their normal reading level. Please enjoy the books they choose with your child.

Our P.E days are Wednesday and Thursday. We will be doing PE lessons in the Mencia Gymnasium. Please ensure your child has a full set of PE clothes with them on these days (shorts/tracksuit bottoms, tshirt and trainers). If they do not have a full PE kit with them on these days they will not be able to participate in the lesson.

Each child has a reading eggs and mathletics login and password stuck in the front of their reading diary. Please try to use these regularly at home as they will help to support your childs learning. Let us know if you have any problems.

Please take time to read with your child as frequently as possible – everyday would be great. After you have read please write a small comment in their reading diary. Each time you read and sign their book will count towards our reading challenge. It could be their reading book, library book or books that you have at home. We will change their reading book at least once per week.  Please send your child to school with their reading book and yellow diary each day, preferably in their book bag.

Please remember that as a school we are focusing on healthy eating. Please send your child to school with a healthy lunch and preferably fruit or vegetables as a snack.

Kind Regards

Karen Hagenaars and Andrea Fernandez

Bear Words

On Friday each child will be given a Bear Words sheet and a set of laminated Bear 1 Words. The children need to learn to read and WRITE these words. They will need to be read in a random jumbled up order. It would also be helpful if the children understood the meaning of the words. Once per week we will check how the children are getting on with their words. Once they have learnt them all they will get a certificate in assembly and will be given the next set of words. There are 9 sets of Bear Words. Each week the children will also be given the bear words as their spelling home activity. They will progress through them at their own speed. Some children may take longer to learn to read and write each set.

Bear words….. Check the blog to see why we have these in Year 1

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