Emperors Egg

We have got to the end of our Power of Reading book, The Emperors Egg. We will still be completing work around this book, including making a class non fiction book about penguins.

Below is a link to a read aloud of the book. Please enjoy it at home with your child.

Student Council elections 

The children from Year 1 to Year 6 are invited to participate in the ISB Student Council elections. If they want to be considered for the role of student councillor they should make a poster explaining why people should vote for them and prepare a short 2 minute presentation for their classmates explaining why they should be the student councillor for Year 1. The poster should be given to their class teacher on Monday 3rd October. The talk will be later that week. Good luck everyone!

The Emperors Egg

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We have launched into our Power of Reading book, ‘The Emperors Egg’, by Martin Jenkins this week. This magical book takes us on a journey to the icy lands of Antarctica. The children have been working hard to learn new facts about Emperor penguins which breed in Antarctica in the midwinter. We have been busy transforming our classroom, please come and take a look when it is finished!

Library day

The children in Year One visited the library for the first time this year. The children were very excited to choose books and DVDs which they can enjoy at home. We will be going to the library every Wednesday so the children need to make sure they have their books with them at school on this day. 

Sight words

Learning the High Frequency words is an important part of Year One. The first 100 High Frequency words are the most commonly used words in English. These words will feature heavily in your child’s reading books. The problem with many of the first 100 High Frequency words is that they can’t be phonetically sounded out. Due to this, they need to be learnt by sight. Below is a link to one of the resources we use in class to help them learn them (It focuses on 24 from the first 100), please feel free to use it at home to help support their learning as they really like it!

Reading Challenge

We have begun the reading challenge in Year One. If your child reads with you at home please remember to sign their yellow reading record so we can record this on our classroom display. When your child collects 60 home signatures in their reading record the will be crowned King or Queen of reading, they will be treated like royalty for the day and will receive a certificate to take home. Happy reading!

The year 1 reading challenge begins…… Can you get to 60?

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PE days

Our PE days will be on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The children should have a full PE kit with them on these days (shorts/jogging bottoms, tshirt, trainers). 

Looking smart in our PE kits

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Please also remember that all children at ISB participate in sporting activities each day from 8.45-9am. This means they need to arrive at school wearing trainers and comfortable clothes they can move in. 

Last week we visited the Mencia gym where we got to use all the wonderful equipment for gymnastics. As you can see we had many happy children! We will be doing this regularly.


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The rings

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Year 1 have gymnastics for the first time at the Mencia

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Welcome to Year 1!

What a fantastic start to the year! Happy children and lots of learning ­čśŐ

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We welcomed six new children to the class and started our healthy body and healthy mind initiative.

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The children designed and made their own healthy fruit salads. They tried lots of new fruits and then made tally charts and block graphs to show their favourites

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Please have a look at the Year 1 and 2 display and watch us as we try to reach our goal of running to Africa! We have ran an amazing 100km already!

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Please support us by sending your child to school with a healthy lunch and snack and sensible shoes which they can run in as we start our fitness activities at 8.45am prompt

The bean game warm up

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Best wishes 

Karen Hagenaars and Andrea Fernandez