Online programs 

We have been having fun exploring the online programs Mathletics, Spellodrome and Readingeggs. These are really beneficial to aid your child’s learning. Remember these are available to your child all summer and are great to keep them learning!

Phonics using Readingeggs

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This is fun ­čśÇ

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Learning new programs

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This week we did our guided reading using Reading Eggspress

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Paired reading with TTO at the Mencia 

As you know our fabulous Mrs Bakker is also a teacher at The Mencia. She has arranged a special project with her TTO class. They have been matched with a student from Year 2 and will be writing a special book for them. They started this project by interviewing their partners. They found out all about them, they will use information in the books which they will make for them. 

Will my book be cool?

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Finding out our likes and dislikes

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Planning our book

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Mencia students will be making books for us

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Getting interviewed by Mencia students

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What are we learning week beginning 27/06/16?

Literacy-we will be describing settings and characters, we will be writing newspaper reports and looking at the correct formation of the handwriting joins

Numeracy- we willbe looking at 1/2’s, 1/3’s, 1/4’s, 1/5’s and 1/8’s of shapes and whole numbers. We will be solving word problems involving fractions, we will be using live Mathletics to develop our speed of mental maths.

IPC- We will be looking at the Olympics, What it is? Where it will be held? How it was started? We will be doing lots of fun activities around this event ­čśŐ

What are we learning WB 20/06/16?

Literacy- drafting and writing newspaper reports, planning and writing stories with a clear  beginning, middle and end, completing reading comprehensions.

Numeracy- partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and units, completing addition and subtraction problems and completing word problems.

Ipc- understanding that earthquakes can be measured using the Richter scale. 

What are we learning WB 13th June?

Numeracy- partitioning 2 and 3 digit numbers and addition and subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers. 

Literacy- learning about the features of a non chronological report, writing a non-chronological report about mountain gorilla’s and practising performing to an audience for our father’s day assembly.

IPC- we eill be researching a volcano of our choice. This research will be put together as a research project which will presented to our peers.

What are we learning WB 06.06.16?

Literacy- we will be recalling key features in a story, we will be using story maps and pictures to sequence a story, we will be reflecting on a characters feelings using speech bubbles and thought bubbles.

Numeracy- we will be using arrays and repeated addition to solve multiplication sums, we will be developing our understanding of division and multiplication, we will be using live mathletics to develop our speed and confidence in mental maths.

IPC- we will develop our understanding of what happens when volcanoes errupt, we will be able to show key erruption areas on a world map.