What are we learning WB 30/05/16?

Literacy- we will be making predictions about the book we are reading, we will be using role play to express a characters feelings, we will be writing in role of the main character from our book.

Numeracy- we will be using arrays to solve multiplication sums, we will be developing our understanding of division as the inverse operation of multiplication, we will be solving word problems which involve multiplication and division. 

IPC- we will be answering the questions what are volcanoes? and where can we find volcanoes?

Trip to NHTV

The children had a wonderful time on our recent trip to NHTV, in Breda. They got to experience a range of workshops, hosted by lecturers who are the best of their field. The workshops included, animating, virtual reality, 3d printing, mocap, vive programing and drawing in perspective. It was an amazing experience and really helped to bring our learning to life. We are very grateful to have this amazing resource on our doorstep and are thankful for the warm welcome our class received.

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Testing out games

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For more great photo’s from the trip check out our class instagram ☺️

What are we learning WB 23/05/16?

Numeracy- we will be continuing our work on addition and subtraction, ordering numbers and greater than >, less than < and equal to =

Literacy- we will be developing our understanding of the features of playscripts, writing our own play scripts, using adjectives and similes for description and making predictions about our new power of reading book, Gorilla by Anthony Browne.

 IPC- we will be designing an advertising poster for the computer game we designed.
And don’t forget, this Wednesday 25th May is Sports Day at The Sprint Athletics track. Children should be brought directly there rather than to school.

Best Wishes Karen Hagenaars

What are we learning WB 17/05/16

Literacy- role playing to show a characters feelings, writing a story ending, describing a character using similes and adjectives and extending our knowledge of prefixes and suffixes.

Numeracy- developing our addition and subtraction skills, ordering numbers from smallest to greatest, using number bonds to help solve addition problems and solving word problems.

IPC- finalising our hungry shark digital game and exploring other applications on the ipads and seeing how they can help with coding. See Mr Maddocks blog podt below to find out more!


Programming Pro’s!

Coding part 2

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Cool coder!

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Using Daisy the Dino programming app

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The students in Year 2 have been working hard at programming in their Digital Gamers unit. This week we introduced and explored two programming apps, Hopscotch and Daisy the Dinosaur.

Each of these apps used the basic principles they learned from Scratch. They applied this knowledge by manipulating characters and objects by sequencing their commands. We were also able to explore debugging their code sequences to achieve their desired results.

I must say that Daisy really proved to be a winner with the kids!

Mr. Maddocks

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Learning objectives- WB 9th May

Literacy- to consolidate our knowledge of alternative ‘a’ spellings, to write a diary entry in the role of a character, to design an advertising poster using Microsoft Word.

Numeracy- to develop our place value skills, to order numbers by size, to use the < and > signs accurately, to describe numbers using terms like odd, even, greater than and less than.

IPC- to use ‘Scratch’ to design, program and trial a digital game.

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Introduction to Scratch programming

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Scratch Programming in Action!

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Scratch is a programming language where children can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. Scratch is designed and maintained by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab.

Our children are going to have a go at replicating the ‘Hungry Shark’ game that we
showed them at the beginning of our sessions.

Our initial session focused on getting the children to complete the instructions and then test their games to see whether they work. The shark should have been animated (chomping) and swim back and forth across the screen following the mouse pointer. We extended this by adding an animated fish that would be eaten by the shark.

This was also a good teaching moment to explain how even tiny mistakes can stop the game from working correctly because the computer cannot think for itself; it needs accurate instructions which it will follow exactly in sequence. Checking for mistakes in a script or program is called debugging and this is an essential skill that all computer programmers need to learn.

We will continue our programming to make or fish regenerate and and to keep score! The kids needless to say where very happy and excited with their initial sessions and cannot wait to see their finished game in action!

Mr. Maddocks

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Digital gamers trip to NHTV!

On Friday 13th May the children from Year 2 will be going on an amazing trip to NHTV (Breda University). We will be departing school at 9.15am. The children should be dropped off at the normal time 8.40am. We have arranged parent helpers to drive us to NHTV as it is very close to school.

The trip is to support our IPC Digital Gamers unit. NHTV has one of the worlds leading Digital Gaming departments. The children will visit the different areas to see how computer games are designed, animated and tested. They will also try out some game designing and simple computer programing.
We will also be looking at graphics and how artists draw characters which will be turned into computer games characters. 
NHTV also designs and manufactures cutting edge, they are partners with Sony and are currently working on the new playstation and x-box! If we are lucky we will be allowed into the restricted access area to see the developments with this project.

If you would like to know more about NHTV please visit their website.


We will be returning to school for 2.45pm which is the normal school pick up time.

Best Wishes

Karen Hagenaars