This morning we had our first lesson using our new power of reading book, ‘The princess and the white bear king’. We had s story bag filled with objects from the book. The children made predictions about what each object was for and why it would be important in the story. 

The children shared their ideas and told a oral story as a class. It was fun!


What are we learning week beginning 21/03/16?

Literacy- using a story bag to make predictions, story mapping our ideas, oral story telling, and focusing on using the correct tenses in our written work.

Numeracy- solve two digit addition and subtraction problems, check our work by bridging by 10 and using known number facts and to be able to understand that subtraction is the inverse operation of addition. 

Ipc- look at how flight has appeared in mythical stories, make a collage of wings, and  finish our airport sculpture. 

Here is one of the airport sculptures we have used to inspire us! 😊


Learning objectives week beginning 14/03/16

Numeracy- recognising and ordering coins, making amounts and giving change.

Literacy- writing, redrafting and proof reading our own magic key adventure story. 

IPC- designing and making a scaled model sculpture for an airport and prodcing a painting of ‘flight’

What are we learning- week beginning WB 7/3/16?

Literacy- we will be planning, drafting and producing our own ‘Magic Key’ adventure story. This is a big project!

Numeracy- we will be collecting data, answering question from data,  reading timetables, producing block graphs, tally charts and frequency tables.

IPC-We will be producing an evaluation of our finished product (this is carried over from last week due to pupil sickness), and we will be using google maps to develop our understanding of maps and add landmarks and keys.

Introducing Miss Grippeling……..

Dear parents and pupils of Year 2,I’m Angelique Grippeling and I’m doing an internship as Teacher Assistant every Tuesday in Year 2. I’m Dutch and I life in Breda together with my partner and son. He is 8 years old, so almost the same age as your children. I love being with the children helping them and Mrs Hagenaars wherever needed.

I used to work in tourism and have traveled a lot around the world. It is very nice to work with children from so many different cultural backgrounds. It smells great during lunch time in the classroom ;-). I also love arts, outdoor sports and active camping holidays.

You have probably seen me on the pictures of last Tuesday ‘at the airport’, I was doing the luggage security check. Great activity!

I hope to see you soon on Tuesday.

Best Wishes