What are we learning WB- 29/02/16?

In Numeracy we will be learning to tell the time to 1/4 of an hour, we will be exploring the worth of different units of time, eg. 1 section, 1 minute, 5 minutes, we will be developing our understanding of digital time (24 hour clock).

In Literacy we will be using our plans to write a detailed story woth a clear beginning, middle and end, we will be developing our understanding of similes, adverbs and adjectives.

In IPC we will be designing our own airport map, we will use the computer to make a vehicle logo, we will finish making our vehicle models and evaluate our finished product. 

Mother tongue language day

This Friday was mother tongue language day here at the ISB. It was a huge success and very much enjoyed by all who took part. There were workshops in Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Dutch, Hungarian, French and Spanish. The children found out about each language and enjoyed fun activities. A big thank you to our class parent Rita who ran the Hungarian workshop, she worked so hard and it was very appreciated 😊

Trying to teach Year Six colours and numbers 😂

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Mother tongue language day

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Language day

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Are any words the same in Hungarian and English??? Yes! zebra and November

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What are we learning WB 22/02/16?

Literacy-producing information diagrams, information texts and short stories.

Numeracy-finding fractions of shapes and quantities. Consolidation of our 2,5 and 10 x tables.

IPC- making and evaluating model vehicles, and designing our own airport. 

IPC in action!

Our real life flight attendant, Mrs Scheltens took us on a flight to the USA today! (Before training to be a teacher she was a flight attendant for KLM)

Flight attendant Scheltens is flying us to The USA

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Each child had to bring their passport and check in at the check in desk. 

Getting issued with boarding passes

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They were then issued with unique boarding passes and made their way to the  security scanners.

At the scanner

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If their baggage fitted through the scanners they could then make their way to the departure lounge to await their call to gate, ready to board the plane. The pre boarders were called first, then the rest of the passengers.

Our flight is ready to go!

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Mrs Schelten then went through all the security checks and safety announcements. It was a wonderful experience and really brought our IPC topic to life. Thank you flight attendendant Schelten! 

Flight attendant Scheltens gets us ready with our safety announcements

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What are we learning WB 15/02/16?

Literacy- we will be writing recounts of our news, descriptive poetry, instructions and labelled diagrams.

Numeracy- we will be finding halves and doubles of even numbers, learning about simple fractions and finding simple equivalent fractions.

IPC- we will be designing, making and evaluating model vehicles. IMG_1281.JPG

Plea for junk materials

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful holiday. 

Over the next couple of weeks the children will be designing and making model vehicles. We need junk materials to do this, for example, egg boxes, clean milk bottles, cereal boxes and other small boxes. If you have any of these things please send them in with your children.

Thanks in advance

Karen Hagenaars

MYP special project

We were delighted to be chosen by MYP students as the recipients of their soecial book project. The MYP studen designed, have written and illustrated books for us. On friday they visited the Year Two classroom to read thebooks to us. They have keft them for us to enjoy in our class library. Cone and see them!

Sharing wonderful book with an MYP student

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The MYP books were super cool

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Our talented MYP students have made books for our class library

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What are we learning? WB 01/02/16

Numeracy- learning ordinal numbers, answering questions about ordinal positions, addition and subtraction of 2 digit numbers

Literacy- writing information texts, describing settings and answering written comprehension questions 

IPC- we will be producing labelled diagrams of transport vehicles, looking at holidays of the past and comparing seasides of the past to the present day