Learning objectives- WB 11/01/16

in Literacy- we will be looking at non-fiction  writing through writing up fair tests. We will also be working on speaking clearly and confidently in front of an audience.

Testing friction

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Testing friction

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In Numeracy we will be looking at adding several small numbers, ordering numbers from smallest to largest and using <, > and = to make number sentences.

In IPC we will be carrying out fair tests. Planning our own investigation and developing our understanding of floating and sinking.

A busy week then! Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday 15th 2.20pm at the Class Assembly

Class Assembly 

It is our class assembly on Friday 15th January at 2.20pm. I hope you can all come to watch it 😊

The children have been given their words to practice. Please help your children to learn their words. There is also a song to practice, here is the link

Assembly song

Welcome back!

Thank you all for your kind wishes during my recent illness. I’m glad to say the surgery went very well and I am now feeling much better.

 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I am looking forward to seeing you all safe and well tomorrow😊

Our learning objectives for the following week (wb 05-01-16) are as follows-


-To be able to plan and write a story with a clear beginning, middle and end.

-To write a recount of our holidays.


-To add several coins.

-To give change to £1.00.

-To solve word problems involving money.


-To recognise pushes and pull in action.

-To plan and carry out a fair test.

-To recognise upthrust as a force.