Author visit- Charlotte Dematon

We were treated to a very special visit from the author Charlotte Dematon. She showed us her book ‘Sinterklaas’ and explained the story behind it. It was awe inspiring for the children and she even let us have a go at illustrating. What a fantastic experience!

Asking questions

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Lessons from a professional illustrator and author

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Good job!

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In literacy we will be writing letters and information posters.

In numeracy we will be learning about and classifying 2d and 3d shapes.

In IPC we will be learning about pushes and pulls. We will be developing our understanding of the term friction.

Sinterklaas Homework

Dear Parents,
On Friday 20th November your child will be set a very special home activity project. They will be asked to make a typical Dutch ‘surprise’ for a classmate.
This is a custom embraced by many families during the Sinterklaas season.
They will draw a name out of the

 hat (all children and teachers will participate) and will be asked to write a rhyming poem and buy a small gift up to 5euro for that person. This is all top secret so they should not tell anyone who they have drawn (except you helping at home)

The ‘surprise’ is that gift should be wrapped in a way that is unique for the person it is for. One example is that a football fan might have their gift hidden inside a papier-mâché football, a field hockey player might have theirs hidden inside a model of a giant hockey stick. Let your imagination run wild! But remember it has to reflect who it is for.
The finished ‘surprise’ should be brought to school on Tuesday 1st DECEMBER.The poem should be taped to the ‘surprise’. We will the have our own class Sinterklaas celebration later in the week. We will then read the poems and look at the ‘surprises’ to see if we can guess who they are for!
Please ask if you need anymore guidance.
Best wishes
Karen Hagenaars

What are we kearning WB-16th November

Literacy-we will be starting our new Power of Reading text, The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith (please don’t read this at home as it will spoil the work we are doing in class). We will be describing characters and settings and making predictions.

Numeracy- we will be classifying 2d and 3d shapes, discussing their properties, and lookimg at symmetry.

IPC- we will be finishing our unit of work on scavengers and settlers, we will be looking at the Celts, making bread and celtic jewellery.


PE on the field

We made the most of the unseasonally good weather yesterday by having our PE lesson on the field. We practised our ball skills by dribbling, passing and developing our control of the ball. We finished the session by having mini games of football.

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As you know, our PE days are on Wednesday and Friday. It is expected that children must have a full PE kit with them on these days. This includes appropriate footwear. Children without the appropriate clothing and footwear will not be able to participate in the lesson.

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WB- 9/11/15 what are we doing?

Literacy-story mapping, letter writing and making predictions.

Numeracy- ordering the days, months and seasons, telling the time to 1/2 and 1/4 of an hour. Their is a great section on mathletics for practising this at home. Please ask me if you need help to find this 😊

IPC- we will be learning about The Celts, Celtic Roundhouses and hill forts. Check out this great website at home to help support your child’s learning of this topic 

IPC- researching an ancient settlement

We have been learning about when scavengers migrated and became settlers. They started to build homes and farm the land. We have been researching the ancient settlement of Skarabrae, a village off Mainland, Orkney. 

There is a fabulous website to explore this settlement at home. Have fun!

Finding out about Skarabrae

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Sharing information

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What are we learning this week? WB 02/11/15

Welcome back!

I hope you all had a wonderful and restful half term. I’m looking forward to  seeing everyone back, safe and well tomorrow. This is what we will be focusing on in class this week.

Literacy- we will be writing short adventure stories, describing fictional characters, and participating in role play. 

Numeracy- we will be reading the time-looking at o’clock, half past, 1/4 past and  1/4 to. We will be solving word problems involving time. We will also be looking at days of the week, months of the year and seasons.

IPC- we will be looking at early settlements around the Orkney Islands in Scotland.

Best Wishes

Karen Hagenaars