Exploring our local habitat

Today we went outside to explore the habitat around our school. It was interesting to see what animals live in our local area. We found evidence of rabbits, mice, moles, spiders and many insects. The different colours of bird feathers also indicated that lots of different species of birds must live close by.

A feather, evidence of birds

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What's hiding under here?

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Investigating habitats

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Sinterklaas ‘surprise’ homework

Dear Parents,
On Friday 14th November, the day before Sinterklaas arrives in The Netherlands, your child will be set a very special home activity project. They will be asked to make a typical Dutch ‘surprise’ for a classmate.
This is a custom embraced by many families during the Sinterklass season.
They will draw a name out of the hat (all children and teachers will participate) and will be asked to write a rhyming poem and buy a small gift up to 5euro for that person. This is all top secret so they should not tell anyone who they have drawn (except you helping at home)
The ‘surprise’ is that gift should be wrapped in a way that is unique for the person it is for. One example is that a football fan might have their gift hidden inside a papier-mâché football, a field hockey player might have theirs hidden inside a model of a giant hockey stick. Let your imagination run wild! But remember it has to reflect who it is for.
Dove Class....Check out our weblog for your special 'surprise' Sinterklaas home activity :)
The finished ‘surprise’ should be brought to school on MONDAY 1st DECEMBER.
The poem should be taped to the ‘surprise’. We will the have our own class Sinterklaas celebration later in the week. We will then read the poems and look at the ‘surprises’ to see if we can guess who they are for!
Please ask if you need anymore guidance, below are a few examples of ‘surprises’ children have made
Best wishes
Karen Hagenaars






Halloween fun!

The children in Dove Class had a spooky time on Halloween! They came to school dressed in there best costumes ready for the party after school. For a warm up to our Literacy lesson we had a round of telling spooky stories. The children sat in a circle and had to add a bit to the story as it travelled round the circle. The staff also participated by doing a spooky dance for the children! What a fun day!

Lovely Halloween friends