The Iron Man

We have been reading the wonderful book the Iron Man, by Ted Hughes. This has inspired us to write diary entries in role, write persuasive letters, plan menus and produce labelled diagrams. The children have been using wonderful similes to describe the Iron Man. Here are some great examples, ‘his head was shaped like a dustbin but as big as a bedroom’, ‘his arms were as long as a river’, ‘he was a tall as the highest mountain’.
The children tried to visualize the ginormous size of the Iron Man by drawing him on the playground.
We are also in the middle of building a scaled model of the Iron Man, we will post more photos as we progress!

Eyes like headlights but as big as the moon

Scientists are here!

Philip and Amy Rose came to visit us here at the ISB. They are Scientists from SciTech in the UK. They helped bring science to life for the children of Dove Class. We made ice cream using liquid nitrogen and used our knowledge of forces to pull a car across the school field! It was an amazing experience! Check out our photos to see the fun!


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Investigating 2d shapes

We have been challenging ourself to investigate 2 dimensional shapes. This may sound simple but did you know that an equilateral triangle is also a polygon? And that a right angled triangle can also be an scalene triangle? And that a regular pentagon has lines of symmetry but an irregular pentagon may not? Confused? We are not we are shape experts in Dove Class!
We made our own Venn and Carroll diagrams to classify the 2d shapes
There's no fooling Frederique! She knows her shapes

What trainable am I?
2d shape challenge with Mrs Hagenaars

Basketball and football

As part of our P.E lessons we have been working on our ball skills. We have been completing warm up games to practice our dodging and weaving skills and have been doing lots of running to improve our speed. We finished today’s lesson by playing football and basketball games. Here are some pictures capturing the action!
Ready for the ball
Martha ready to pass

Ronan takes a corner

Into the forest! Our new power of reading book

We have begun reading the fabulous story, ‘Into the forest’ by Anthony Browne. The children looked at the amazing illustrations and made predictions. Then the children produced their own music to capture the feelings that the main character might have had when he went, ‘Into the forest’. He have also written our own opening paragraphs and scary forest poetry.

Scary wood music

Project rainforest!

The children paired up today and started working on their rainforest PowerPoints. They made a fantastic start, watch this space for your invitations to our presentations! They will be coming soon………
Working hard
Our PowerPoint will be amazing!
Hard at work
Researching the rainforest

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News homework

Each week, as part of our homework, the children are asked to research a news article. I spoke to the children about the importance of them doing this for themselves. Of course they can have help but they should understand the news which they are bringing in. This is to help them improve their geography skills, where did the news occur? Is it near or far from The Netherlands? Why is it important to us here in Holland? I asked the children to be prepared to present their news to their classmates. Lara did this beautifully today. She had prepared a short PowerPoint about her news article which she shared with the class. She was well prepared and confident, and it was clear she knew all about the article she was sharing. Well done Lara!
Lara presents her news to the class
The children were really engaged as Lara presented her news

Improving our mental Maths skills

This week we have been working hard to improve our mental Maths skills. We have been using lots of the new resources which Mrs Hagenaars has made. In pairs, we used a subtraction race game to see how fast we could travel around the board. We also used loop games to partition numbers to 1,000. It was such fun, after playing the games, some children even asked when the Maths lesson was starting!

Working hard

Marvelous Maths!

Today we looked at number words and figures up to 100, 000. The children were each given individual number cards. They had to stand up and answer true or false to a series of statements like……. My hundred digit is even, my tens digit is bigger than five, I am greater than double two hundred. To finish the session we ordered our number cards from largest to smallest. The children did an amazing job!