Christmas party

In view of the increased number of children in the school, the end of year party will be run slightly differently this year and Nursery and Reception will have there Christmas lunch together in the Reception class. Santa will come in the morning and take our class for a ride in his horse and cart and the children will receive a gift that they can all enjoy as a class and that will stay at school.

Nursery children will go for the ride with Santa from 8.50am to 9.10am. Younger siblings are invited to join with the parent (although keep in mind that this might upset your child when you have to leave). Please inform us before 12th of December, if you would like them to take part.

Parents are invited to join the children for lunch in the class from 12h00 to 12h30 and the school will provide drinks and cups, plates, cloths etc..  We would be grateful if each child in the class could bring in one savoury or one sweet dish (these can be bought or homemade… whatever is easier for you!) to share with the class. You will find a sign up list for the food on the window outside reception class.

All food should be labelled clearly with its’ ingredients and we would prefer if it was cold finger food that can be laid out or easily cut into portions. Unfortunately, we don’t have the possibility to heat food.  Also, please bear in mind that ISB is a nut-free school.

After lunch the children will have a bit of outdoor play followed by the disco, during which time, parents who have come for lunch and would like to wait for their children, are invited to stay and have a coffee in the school.

We will need some parents to come in and help from 11h30 onwards, to set up the lunch tables in class and help decorate the hall for the disco.  If you are available and would like to come in and help, please let us know.


Thank you

Kelly and Mrs van der Weijden 🙂


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