What the Ladybird heard

What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Lydia Monks (Macmillan)

A lovely story about a ladybird, who overhears a secret plan to steal the prize cow. Through team work and communication the animals work together to foil the burglars and save the cow. Bright and beautiful illustrations with an appealing, glittery ladybird to follow and feel through the story along with Julia Donaldson’s clever rhyming tale make this an enjoyable story from beginning to end.

Overall learning aims .
 To listen with enjoyment and respond to the book, through retelling and re-enacting the story

 To read by joining in the repeated text, responding to the patterns and rhythms and matching these with the

 To get to know the story really well and be able to revisit it in a variety of ways

 To think and talk confidently about their response to the book, the story and illustrations, and the meanings

 To explore the structure through story mapping and storytelling

 To create a book of the story through shared writing and illustration using a variety of materials eg collage,