A few weeks ago we started a new IPC topic- Transport. We kicked off our topic by jetting off to Milan! We made an airport and an aeroplane which we used for our make-believe journey to Milan. We took our passports and boarding passes and jetted off on our adventure.

We started the topic by thinking about aeroplanes. We turned our role-play area into an airport and linked aeroplanes to our literacy lessons. The week after our focus was on trains and train journeys. We spoke to the children about trains. Had they ever been on a train? Where did they go? This week our focus is on cars.

Next week we will be continuing our transport topic by thinking about bikes. If the weather and distance allows it, maybe you could bike to school with your child?

Team Nursery

Christmas party

In view of the increased number of children in the school, the end of year party will be run slightly differently this year and Nursery and Reception will have there Christmas lunch together in the Reception class. Santa will come in the morning and take our class for a ride in his horse and cart and the children will receive a gift that they can all enjoy as a class and that will stay at school.

Nursery children will go for the ride with Santa from 8.50am to 9.10am. Younger siblings are invited to join with the parent (although keep in mind that this might upset your child when you have to leave). Please inform us before 12th of December, if you would like them to take part.

Parents are invited to join the children for lunch in the class from 12h00 to 12h30 and the school will provide drinks and cups, plates, cloths etc..  We would be grateful if each child in the class could bring in one savoury or one sweet dish (these can be bought or homemade… whatever is easier for you!) to share with the class. You will find a sign up list for the food on the window outside reception class.

All food should be labelled clearly with its’ ingredients and we would prefer if it was cold finger food that can be laid out or easily cut into portions. Unfortunately, we don’t have the possibility to heat food.  Also, please bear in mind that ISB is a nut-free school.

After lunch the children will have a bit of outdoor play followed by the disco, during which time, parents who have come for lunch and would like to wait for their children, are invited to stay and have a coffee in the school.

We will need some parents to come in and help from 11h30 onwards, to set up the lunch tables in class and help decorate the hall for the disco.  If you are available and would like to come in and help, please let us know.


Thank you

Kelly and Mrs van der Weijden 🙂



Hello everyone and Happy December – time is going really fast!

This week we have been doing a lot of singing practice for our Christmas Concert that is happening next Friday the 9th of December.

Just some reminders regarding the concert – can the parents of children who aren’t usually in on Friday let us know if your child is or isn’t coming to the concert so that we know in regards to costumes etc please 🙂

Also, if all costume items could be in by Tuesday the 6th of December that would be great as the parent helpers would like to start putting them together and get them ready for Friday.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Mrs van der Weijden and Miss Kelly


Hello everyone!

This week in Numeracy we focused on the number 4! We also enjoyed investigating quantities, capacity and weight using the sand.

In Dutch, we’ve been learning all about Sinterklaas and singing his songs.

For IPC we are still exploring the topic All about me! We are learning all about our bodies and about how important it is to wash our hands properly 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Mrs. van der Weijden and Miss Kelly

Class parent

Dear all,

After the Christmas holiday we will have an opening for a new class parent. Gaelle will retire from this role, as her daughter will be moving up to reception class. If you are interested in taking her place, please speak to myself or Miss Kelly. You could also speak to Gaelle about her experiences as class parent:)

Kind regards 

Miss Kelly and Mrs van der Weijden 


Hello everyone!

This week we started a new Power of Reading book called Biscuit Bear! We’ve been exploring the book this week (and we tasted a few biscuits too!). We will be making our own biscuits next week!

We also started on a new IPC topic – All about me! We had great fun drawing around our bodies and decorating them. We’ve been discussing our names, ages and the colours of our hair and eyes.

Yesterday, Year 3 came to read us a story called ‘The Very Busy Spider’ by Eric Carle in Dutch, it was fantastic!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Miss Kelly and Mrs. van der Weijden


Hello everyone!

We had a fantastic Kinderboeken week. We had lots of grandparents come in to read us stories in different languages – thank you all very much, it’s been great. On Monday we got to wear our pyjamas to school. We also got milk and cookies to have in bed!

If your child does not have wellies or water proof rain gear could you please bring them in as the rain has really started to pour.

Today Rhyme Time will not be on but there will be an assembly where we will be saying an Oma and Opa poem for everyone.

Have a brilliant time during the holidays and see you all on Monday 31st October.

Miss Kelly and Mrs. van de Weijden 🙂


Hi everyone!

Next week is Kinderboekenweek (Children’s book week) and the theme is Oma and Opa (Grandmother and Grandfather). On Monday everyone can come to school in their pyjamas! If anybody would like to volunteer to read a story to the children during next week please let me know.

Just a reminder – please ensure that each child has a pair of wellies for the outdoor area as they will be wearing them whenever they are outdoors and changing into their indoors shoes when they are back inside. Thanks!

Today we are going to make sandwiches for IPC. We are really looking forward to this. We will be spreading butter onto the bread and choosing a filling.

We are continuing to enjoy our Power of Reading book, Tanka, Tanka, Skunk. We made a story map using the animal pictures and we are clapping out all of the animal syllables together when reading it.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Kelly and Mrs. van der Weijden.


Hello everybody,

I have a couple of friendly reminders.

The nursery door opens at 8:30am.  The school day starts at 8:45am.  The register is taken at 8:45am and then lessons begin straight after.  Please make sure that your child is in school by 8:45am to ensure that they, and others, do not miss out on valuable learning time.

The weather has gotten much colder now.  Please send your child to school in clothes suitable for this weather including a warm coat, hat and wellies.  The children have access to the outdoors throughout the day so it is really important that they stay warm and dry.

Kind regards,

Miss Kelly and Mrs. van der Weijden