Nov 222016

ISB - Year 5 - IPC - Distillation InvestigationIn the second term of the academic year 2016-17, Year 5 studied the I.P.C. topic ‘Black Gold’.

This topic is concerned with one of Earth’s resources that we have become most reliant upon, namely oil.

Year 5 studied where oil has been found, how its use affects the carbon cycle as well as alternative, renewable forms of energy.

In addition, to understand the distillation process that crude oil undergoes, they also undertook an investigation into the distillation of ethanol from wine.

The children were kindly assisted in this with the generous help of Tom Bergisch.

Nov 222016

ISB Parents Week - Ryo's Mum

Year 5 were fortunate enough to have several parents come in to school during Parents’ Week this year.

The week was a good opportunity for parents to see the work that their children do in school as well as for children to see that education is valued by parents.

Parents took part in a number of different activities including playing a decimals version of ‘Three In A Row’ in a Numeracy lesson and distilling ethanol from wine in IPC.


Nov 222016

ISB Book Week - Year 5

Year 5 had an enjoyable time celebrating Book Week this year.

The theme was Grandparents.

Many children and staff came into school in costume.

We were lucky enough to have both Frederique’s Grandmother and Mats’ Grandfather come in to school to read to the children.

Nov 212016


In the second term of the academic year 2016-17, Year 5 studied ‘Ice Trap! Shackleton’s Incredible Expedition’.

The book retells Ernest Shackleton’s failed attempt to be the first person to cross the continent of Antarctica.

Despite not succeeding with the primary aim of the expedition, it might still be considered a success because, despite many set-backs, every member of the crew survived.

What do you think?

Nov 212016

All Year 5 pupils will be tested on the following words on Thursday, 24 November.

The suggested technique for learning how to spell the words is ‘look, say, cover, write, check’.

Just a few minutes each day should be sufficient to learn them all.