Feb 172017

Hello everybody,

It is Friday once again.  This week we have been thinking about Valentine’s Day.  We have been talking about why and how people celebrate it.  We even made a Valentines cookie for our grown-ups!

Next week we will be going on our trip to experience a bus and train ride.  The trip will be on Tuesday.  We will go to Rosendaal park for a picnic and then return back to school.

Next week is the last week of school before the holidays and out focus will be on Carnaval.  We finish at 12pm on Friday for the holidays.  On Friday we will also be celebrating Carnaval – a traditional Dutch festival. On Friday the children are invited to come to school wearing dressing up clothes for a Carnaval party.  Unfortunately parents are not invited to the Carnaval party.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Miss Johnson.

Feb 102017

Hello everbody,

I hope you have all had a good week.  This week we have been focusing on bikes.  Miss Kelly brought her bike into school and we talked about all of the different parts.  We talked about how to ride a bike and the children shared their experiences.

Next week we will be taking a small break from Transport to think about Valentine’s Day.

You may have seen in the news letter that we are going on a trip on Tuesday 21st February.  We are looking for parents to come and help us.  We will be going on the bus and then the train to Roosendal where we will visit a park for a small walk and our packed lunch.  Please come and let a member of staff know if you would be interested in helping us.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Miss Johnson.

Feb 032017

Hello everybody,

We have had a great week learning about car.  Today we tried to make a car for Lucy Bear ready for going home with a member of our class this afternoon.  On Tuesday we went on a train ride with Mr Schelterns in Dutch.  We made our own OV chip cards and Mrs Schelterns make a train for us – It was good fun!

Next week we will be focusing on bikes.  Please talk to your child about bikes at home.  Do they have a bike?  Can they ride a bike?  Perhaps you could go for a bike ride this weekend.

All children now have a Mathletics and Reading Eggs account and the login details are in the front of their yellow reading diaries.  If you have not looked at it yet perhaps you could take a look this weekend.

Before the Christmas holidays we sent home the children’s rain clothes and spare clothes to be checked.  If you have not yet returned these back to school could you please do so next week.

I have been asked if I can add notifications to this blog.  I am not sure how to do this so have asked Mr Maddocks for help and he will look into it.  Until then I aim to update the blog every Friday.  If I don’t manage to do this I usually update it on a Saturday morning.  So to keep updated checking the blog over the weekend would be the best time.

Kind regards,

Miss Johnson.