Dec 022016

Hello everybody and happy Friday!

This week we were very excited because Sinterklaas and the Pieten came to visit us on Wednesday night!  They left a mess in our classroom!  They had been playing with our toys!  They also left oranges and pepernoten (small spicy biscuits) inside our boots!

We started a new poetry book in Literacy.  This wee we looked at a poem called Dressing Too Quickly.  We learnt the poem by heart and wrote sentences about it.  We have been learning about leaving a space between each word when we write.

In numeracy we focused on ‘1 more’.  We used resources to help us to find out 1 more than a given number and also tried to a the answer by remembering which number comes next when we count.  The number lines in the classroom also helped us.

We have been very busy rehearsing for our Christmas Concert.  The concert will take place on Friday 9th December at 10am.  Please come along to watch us.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Miss Johnson.

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