May 272016

Hello everybody,

We have had a fun week this week with Sports Day.  Everybody had a good time despite the rain.

This afternoon is the Tea Party which I know everybody is looking forward to.

The objectives for next week for literacy are:

  • Can I identify and write similes and metaphors?
  • Can I plan a story?
  • Can I plan a story?

The objectives for next week for numeracy are:

  • Can I convert centimetres into meters and vice versa?
  • Can I compare lengths in centimetres and meters?
  • Can I add and subtract decimals?
  • Can I find equivalent fractions?
  • Can I find decimal and fraction equivalents?

You can find activities on Mathletics in the ‘length, perimeter and area’ section of the activities. The ‘converting units of length’ activity would be perfect to practice. Also the ‘fractions, decimals and percentages’ area of the activities would be good to practice especially the ‘decimals to fractions’ and ‘fractions to decimals’ sections.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Miss Johnson.

May 202016

Hello everyone,

Thank you for all of your hard work in preparing a costume for the fashion show this afternoon.  I am really looking forward to seeing everybody dressed up!

The learning objectives for next week for literacy are:

  • Can I use adverbs and adjectives?
  • Can I identify and write similes and metaphors?
  • Can I identify a subordinate clause?

The learning objectives for next week for numeracy are:

  • Can I recognise and write Roman numerals to 100?
  • Can I find the area and perimeter of a shape?
  • Can I recognise, name and classify 2D shapes?
  • Can I recognise and identify 3D shapes and talk about their properties?

On Mathletics try ‘making tracks’ in the perimeter section of the problem solving area.  Also in the activities section type ‘roman numerals’ into the search bar to find 4 Roman numeral activities.

Next week we have sports day on Wednesday.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather.  Please make sure that your child comes dressed appropriately.

Kind regards,

Miss Johnson.

May 132016

Hello everybody,

We have had a great first week back.  The sun has been shining and we have all been smiling!

Next week school will be closed on Monday for Whit so I will see you all again on Tuesday.

Year 3 and 4 are collecting toilet roll tubes and kitchen paper tubes for the next 2 weeks – if you have any at home in your recycling box and find any in the next 2 weeks then please bring them into school.

Our learning objectives for next week in numeracy will be:

  • Can I describe patterns in the 11 and 12 times tables?
  • Can I use mental multiplication strategies?
  • Can I use a written method for multiplication?
  • Can I use division to check multiplication and vice versa?

On the Mathletics website please practice the Times Table Tunes (orange box on the left hand side) and look into the ‘Multiply and Divide – facts, mental and written’ links of the activity section (blue box on the left hand side).

We are starting a new book in literacy: Pebble in my Pocket by Meredith Hooper.  Our learning objectives for next week in literacy will be:

  • Can I describe a pebble and use these words to make a poem?
  • Can I choose key visual phrases and use these to make my own illustrations?
  • Can I story map the journey of a pebble?

I hope you all have a lovely and sunny long weekend,

Miss Johnson.

May 112016

Here is a copy of the home activity which was shared with children this week.


Year 3 and 4 IPC Home Activity – Monday 9th May 2016

We are launching our next IPC unit ‘Fashion’ with a special fashion show.

Home Activity Task:

To plan and make an outfit based on a fashion of your choice.

  • It could represent somebody famous (a favourite film character, literary character, music artist, sporting hero etc.) or could reflect the fashion of a particular era.
  • You could use natural or man-made materials e.g. recycled goods, old fabric, leaves and feathers.  
  • You could use something that you already have and adapt it.  
  • Think about colours, textures, shapes and style.
  • You could ask your friends and family to help you.

The fashion show will be held in school on Friday 20th May.  Please bring your outfit to school that day – do not wear it to school.  

You need to be able to talk about your chosen fashion and what or who it represents.

Please come and speak to us if you have any questions.

Happy creating!

Miss Johnson and Mr Scragg.