Feb 282016

We have once again had another busy week with InCAS and Mother Tongue Day.

Next week we will be back to our usually timetable from Monday to Thursday.  On Friday school will be closed for a training day.

Our learning objectives for Literacy are:

  • Can I identify elements of a good story?
  • Can I plan a story?
  • Can I refine and edit my story?

Our learning objectives for numeracy are:

  • Can I divide by chunking?
  • Can I divide and find a remainder?
  • Can I identify factor pairs?
  • Can i find complements of numbers to 1000?

Next week as part of our IPC topic we will be making a timeline of our life in terms of places we have lived. The children will need to bring in some information about rough dates when they have moved during their lifetime.  If they have some photographs from each country that would also be fantastic.  They do not need to make the timeline at home – that will be done at school.  The children will need this information by Wednesday 2nd March please.

Kind Regards,

Miss Johnson.

Feb 192016

We have got the end end of our first week back after the holidays and have had another great week.

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the parent event in Year 4 today.  The children really enjoyed showing you all around their new classroom.  They are all very proud of their new room and were brilliant tour guides.

There are no learning objectives for numeracy and literacy next week and we will be focusing on the InCAS assessments.  The assessments take place on a laptop and will be completed in small groups in a quiet room with me whilst the rest of the class takes part in a big IPC project with Year 3.  I have spoken to the children about the assessments so they are aware of what is going to happen and how it will work.  We have talked about trying not to worry and trying our best.

As part of the IPC project we will be making shelters/dens and are requesting that if anybody has any boxes (large or small), newspaper, sticks/twigs, string or cloth that they are happy to donate could they please bring them to school on Monday.

In addition to the weekly spellings there is also an additional home activity this week.  The detail have been stuck into the children’s home activity book and there is a copy below.


Miss Johnson.


19th February 2015 – Whole School Home Activity

Look at the school rules below. Read them carefully and think about what each one means. Complete the activity below and return to school by Monday 29th February.

You may either:

  • Illustrate the rules or
  • Choose one of the rules to copy into Dutch and English and then illustrate it


Our ISB Rules are:

We are gentle – We do not hurt anybody

Wij zijn lief voor elkaar  – Wij doen niemand pijn


We are kind and helpful – We do not hurt people’s feelings

Wij zijn aardig en behulpzaam – Wij kwetsen niemand


We work hard – We do not waste our time or other people’s time

Wij werken hard – Wij verspillen geen tijd van andere mensen of van onszelf


We look after property – We do not waste or damage things

Wij zorgen goed voor onze spullen – Wij verspillen niets en maken niets kapot


We listen to people – We do not interrupt

Wij luisteren naar anderen – Wij onderbreken of storen niet tijdens een gesprek


We are honest – We do not cover up the truth

Wij zijn eerlijk – Vertellen altijd de waarheid


We have good manners – We say please and thank you

Wij hebben goede manieren – Wij zeggen alsjeblieft en dankjewel


We walk around school sensibly and quietly

Wij zijn stil en lopen rustig door de gang

Feb 052016

Hello everybody,

Happy Carnival!  We had had a fantastic morning making our ‘under the sea’ themed float.  Please have a look at the photographs on Instagram.  If you do not follow us yet them please use the link on this blog to get started.

Our Learning Objectives for the first week back after the holiday are:


  • Can I use well chose vocabulary to create a poem?
  • Can I reread my writing and make changes to vocabulary?
  • Can I draw inference about characters?
  • Can I ask relevant questions to extend my understanding.


  • Can I estimate and measure angles?
  • Can I find parallel lines and perpendicular angles?
  • Can I identify lines of symmetry in 2D shapes?
  • Can I draw a line of symmetry?

I hope every had a fantastic week of holiday and I look forward to seeing you all again on 15th February.

Best Wishes,

Miss Johnson.