Science – Bim Bam Boom

Hi people,

The unit  “Bim Bang Boom” was very interesting to learn about. Especially the experiments we did were very entertaining, and fun to observe the chemical reactions. I think I am doing very well so far. I actually thought I did better than I thought, because I didn’t do this in the past. I think that I am mostly good at drawing diagrams, because they are clear with labels. I also think I am good at handwriting because my handwriting is very nice and neat. I know that I am good at this unit because it’s very easy for me, and I get good grades. I need to work on setting my time to hand in homework, and not doing it the last moment before handing it in. I know that I need to work on these things because I find it difficult and never feel like doing homework, even though I know I have to do it once. I really need to set myself using my lockers more often because everyday it’s way to heavy for my back. To achieve this target, I have free times so I could use my lockers then, or I could ask the teachers to get my equipment very quickly before the lesson starts. I will set this target usually by next self-assessment, or for the rest of the year. I find completing these self assessments very useful for my development in science, because you get more into what you want to achieve as a target. 


Little things

Hi everyone,

I found this unit in science very fun and entertaining, and I learned a lot of new things like cells, and what their specialised features and functions are. I am also very excited for the new unit, to learn new things again. In the past I have never worked with microscopes before, so I found it very cool seeing actual cells, and experimenting with them. What I also found cool to see was those green chloroplasts containing chlorophyll moving around in the palisade cells, pushing against the cell membrane.


Hi my name is Merelijn, I come from Singapore and I was born in 2004.

My favourite colour is red and my favourite animal are sea lions.

I love eating sushi, they are the best.