Math Probability and Statistics

Dear readers,

We did a unit on collecting data and the unit was called Probability and Statistics.                     I found this Unit really fun considering we had to make bar charts and try a bit harder to understand. I liked the fact that we had to draw bar charts and graphs. This unit was also based on percentages which i like since it tells you more information about what you have and the amount.

In this unit we learnt how to turn a fraction into a percentage or the other way round. We learnt how to make a percentage into an amount and how to divide a fraction.

Overall i enjoyed it since i learnt new things.

Thank you for reading Erin

Science Little things

Dear readers,

I am reflecting on my science unit Little things.  For my reflection, I enjoyed this project. In this project, I learned About cells and how they adapted. We also did experiments by looking through a microscope at these three cells cheek cells, Onion cells, and elodea cells. We also had to do an essay on the history of microscopes. We had some specialized cells And their features such as Red blood cell, Root hair cell, Sperm, and more.                                             My thoughts about this were that it was fun.

history of Microscope

I can  give some things

Thank you

Erin McKnight