Little Things Reflection



During this unit little things, I learnt how to use a microscope correctly for example how to hold it properly and how to use it. During this unit, I also learnt how to prepare a slide. I practised preparing slides with my cheek cell, Elodea pond weeds and an onion cell. I also created my first ever essay on the History of the Microscopes. During this unit, my favourite thing to do was look at the tiny cells through the microscope because I found it very interesting and to see how they look like because I have never seen any cells in person. Learning about the specialised cells was also really fun, learning about all their functions and adaptations was really interesting. Honestly, this was a really fun unit I even found the end of unit test fun surprisingly !!

Self Assessment Unit 1 – Science MYP1

Mrs MC Doherty van Zundert


My name:  Isabella McClay  Date: 18th November 2016

The unit I have just finished is:  

Introduction To MYP Science

My score in the end of unit test was:  

I got a 6

For the lab report I got:  B 6 and C 4

I was happy / not happy with these results because:  

I was happy with my results for the end of unit test because I think I did quite well and I know I tried really hard for the test. But I was a bit disappointed by the lab report because I knew I could of done better than what I actually handed in.

In general:

How am I doing?

I think I am doing well but I could definitely improve on skills and things I need for in the future when I do experiments or when I am going to take a test. 

What I am good at?

I think I am good at the booklet we have done and learning about science equipment and safety rules in a lab.

How do I know I am good at these things?

Because when we doing the two experiments we have done I remembered the equipment and all the safety rules.

I found the previous unit – Introduction to Science…….

Interesting and fun because I learnt a lot of new skills needed in science and I had great fun doing the experiments.

What I found difficult was……

I found the lab report the hardest because I had never written one before and it took me a while to realise how it worked and what I needed to write under the headings.

What helped me when I had a problem was……

My teacher. My teacher helped me to understand what I had to write and explained how I needed to write it.

What I enjoyed in this unit was………

In this unit I enjoyed the experiments that we did and how they turned out. I had never done an experiment before so this was really fun.

What I didn’t like in this unit was………

In this unit i did not really like that we didn’t do many experiments.

What do I need to work on?

I need to work on my lab reports and general science information.

How do I know that I need to work on these things?

Because with my lab report i didn’t get a really high score and same with my end of unit test because I know if I tried harder i would get at least a 7 or a double 6 on my lab report.

How am I going to achieve these targets?

I am going to achieve these targets by studying harder and I am going to try really hard to do my best.

What time scale am I going to set myself to complete these targets?

I am going to set my time scale by the Christmas holidays.

Are completing self-assessments like this useful for your development in Science?  Why?

I think it is helpful and useful because I can look back and see my targets and what I need to improve on and how I want to do this.

About me

Hi i am Isabella McClay,

I love to travel and fly on planes.

I also love to go horse riding.

I was born in shanghai and then moved to Singapore then to Sydney in Australia and then i moved to Melbourne also in Australia, finally i moved to Netherlands.