Self assessment

I think I did well because I enjoyed this unit so that made it easier to be motivated and it was easier to concentrate. I think I good at remembering hazard symbols and I am working on my handwriting. I know this because other people have said that I am and I believe them and their opinions. I need to work on my handwriting and organizing my book I think I also need to work on answering questions fully because I noticed that I don’t write enough. The goals I want to set is to get homework on time and to keep an agenda with me where I can write my homework in. I am going to achieve these by getting an agenda and while I’m in class write the homework down and by using that method I will get my homework done on time.I will achieve these by the end of our new unit. These self-assessments are very useful for me because I can reflect on what I did well and on what I need to improve and that gets me more motivated.


self assessment

I am doing well in science but I need more practice. I am good at experiment and interacting. I enjoy it and I’m an active learner so that helps for me! In the last unit I found it interesting but quit easy and fun.When I had a problem it helped me to ask the teacher or a friend. I enjoyed the experiments the most because it was fun to learn how to use the equipment. I didn’t like learning the writing the lab report because I haven’t done it before so I didn’t do so well as I wanted but with more practise I can do it. I can tell I’m having a hard time at writing the lab report because I don’t write enough and not detailed enough. I will set myself goals and they are to get myself more organised and to be more detailed in my lab reports. The time scale for this target is by the end of this school year.