self assessment on unit bim bang boom

I think that I am doing quite well in science.  I can see that I am improving since the start of the year, this is probably because I enjoy doing science and I like to do experiments which this unit was full of.  I think that I am good at doing experiments in the lab.  I know this as I think that the experiments that we did in this unit were easy and that not much went wrong whilst doing the experiments.  I think that I need to work on time management planning and organisation.  I know this because I am bad at getting my homework done on time and stress about homework that I have not finished the day before it needs to be finished. I will set myself two targets, one of them is to become better at self management and the other is to improve the neatness of my work.  I am going to acheive these targets by asking the teacher on how I can manage my time better and I am going to do my work slower to get the the best out of my work.  I want to achieve these targets by the next school year.  I think that self-assessments like this are useful to find your mistakes and then correct them.  On the final test I got a sufficient grade which was one lower than the full mark.  So overall in the last test I think that I did well.

little things unit

In science we have just finished the unit little things, this was basically a unit about microscopes where we researched the history of microscopes and we did numerous experiments. About these experiments we did a pond weed experiment and an onion cell experiment where we had to make our own slides and we were taught how to hold the microscopes and how to use them. We also had to learn about specialised cells such as the red blood cell and the root hair cell. With the history of microscopes we had to write a essay and before that we had to do an essay plan. now we are starting a new unit called bim, bang, boom which is chemistry.


Mrs MC Doherty van Zundert


My name: Ruben Jan Jongkind  

Date: 18/11/2016

The unit I have just finished is:  Introduction to science

What I am good at?

I am good at drawing the ‘diagram of the experimental setup’ in a lab-report and I quite good at drawing bar-charts.

How do I know I am good at these things?

I think that they look realistic and they show how to setup the experiment.

I found the previous unit – Introduction to Science really quite easy because it wasn’t really challenging and it was on my level. I enjoyed the experiments most, because we used fire and I think that this is exciting.

What I enjoyed in this unit was doing the experiments and drawing the diagrams on my laptop or with a pencil.