Math reflection on data collection and representation

In maths we learned about data, percentage, charts and graphs. I really enjoyed learning about this topic because it was fun and easy. The only thing that I was worried about was the summative assessment which was very complicated. I learned so much for this test and then succeed with a 6 out of 8! Although I learned so much, I didn’t learn about everything that was in the test. I am relieved of my grade because I thought that I would get less.

Bing Bam Boom Self Assessment


  1.  How am I doing?

I think that I am performing well in this unit so far because I worked hard and got a 7/8 in my practise test and a 6/8 on my real test. I am pleased with my results!!!

  1.  What am I good at?
  • Handing homework on time
  • Well in assessments
  • Group discussion
  1.  How do I know I am good at these things?

I am good at handing homework on time because whenever any type of homework is due, I finish it on the first day. I am also doing well in assessments because I practice in all my free time, try my best and know all the knowledge needed to know for assessments. Whenever there is a group discussion I try letting everybody speak and tell their opinion.

  1.  What do I need to work on?
  • Handwriting
  • Using a ruler properly
  1.  How do I know that I need to work on these things?

I would work more on my handwriting because everytime that I start a new page, I try making it as neat as possible but then my hand starts hurting and I mess up with my handwriting. I would also work more with using a ruler properly because I make my lines straight but my lines are always tilted, so I need to work on that.

  1.  What targets do I want to set myself?
  • stress less in a test
  • remembering to write the date with a red pen
  1.  How am I going to achieve these targets?

The targets that I want to set myself is to stress less in a test, I will try achieving that by telling myself that I know everything needed and finding my confidence. Another target that I want to set for myself is to remembering to write the date with a red pen, I will achieve that by sticking notes on my wall with a title of things to remember, and then look at it everyday. After looking at it everyday, I will remember it.

  1.    What time scale am I going to set myself to complete these targets?

I will try achieving these targets till the end of the year.

  1.  Is completing self-assessments like this useful for your development in Science?

I think that completing self-assessments are useful in Science because we can tell our opinion on the units that we had.

About me

Hello everyone my name is Maya I’m 11 years old and on February I’m going to turn 12. I live in Belgium and my hobby is singing. I have two sisters. One of them is called Tal, the biggest one and the other one is called Or, the smallest one. This year is my second year in ISB, my first one was in year 6. My favourite subject is drama because in drama you preform in front of your class and my goal is to be confident so I’m going to do my best and try to achieve it. Hope everyone will have a great year.

Enjoy it                                                                                                                               Maya