Little things reflection

Dear readers,

Today, I am reflecting on my science unit Little Things. I liked the unit, specially when we got to use a microscope, on this unit, we did experiments on elodea cells, cheek cells and onion cells, to do that, we needed a microscope, we also had a essay about “the history of microscopes”, in which I had to write about the creator of microscopes, how did they change from years, etc.

We also learned about the specialized cells some examples are:

•Red Blood Cells

•Root Hair Cells

•Sperm Cells

My opinion about this unit is that it’s curious and I’m happy that I got the opportunity to do this crazy experiments 🙂

This unit was interesting and entertaining,

Science Self Assessment by Colin Wallis


My name:  Colin Wallis   Date: 11/18/2016

The unit I have just finished is:  Introduction to science

My score in the end of unit test was:

For the lab report I got:  B=4 and C=4

I was happy / not happy with these results because: I was happy with these results because i can see the mistakes i made, and it shows me that i need to continue learning.  

In general:

How am I doing? I get mostly a so i think it’s okay, i think i am doing good because i’m trying my best to get a good score.

What I am good at?

I think i’m good at the bar charts, but that doesn’t mean i do it perfectly.

How do I know I am good at these things?

Because i get a 5, and that’s the best score i can get right now, and also i think the bar charts are fun to make, so i put effort to it.

I found the previous unit – Introduction to Science……. Normal, i think it’s not too hard and not too easy, if you put effort to it, you can get a very good score. I have to admit the tests are easy, but not too easy, if you study you can at least get a 6/8

What I found difficult was…….

The only thing i found difficult was when i started, but then, i got used to it so nothing was difficult at all.

What helped me when I had a problem was……

The teacher, if i didn’t understand what to do, i went to ask the teacher and she tells me what to do.

What I enjoyed in this unit was………

I enjoyed a lot the experiments, and also making the bar charts.

What I didn’t like in this unit was………To be honest, i didn’t like some of the activities of the booklet.

What do I need to work on?

I need to work on learning and getting a 6/8

How do I know that I need to work on these things?

Because i need to improve my skills in Science.

How am I going to achieve these targets?

Studying, paying attention in class so i can learn.

What time scale am I going to set myself to complete these targets?

I need to get used to it, so i think i will complete it in february.

Are completing self-assessments like this useful for your development in Science?  Why?

Yes, because they are fun to make, and they are useful to see in what i need to improve.