Math Unit

We learned about samples, population, categorical data, graphs, numerical data and averages.

This unit seems easy, but it actually isn’t easy, it was pretty hard. On the summative I only got a 3. This was the worst unit in this school year. I hated it. The only thing I liked was learning about the averages and percentages.

Science Unit: Little Things

I liked and didn’t like this unit. I liked it, because we got to use microscopes. It was my first time using an actual microscope! I also liked it because we learned about cells. I didn’t like this unit, because we had some tests and I studied a lot. We learned how to draw cells, we practiced how to label cells, how to prepare a slide, specialized cells and their adaptations.

Science Self-Assessments


My name: Leo Henrique Radtke   Date: Nov. 18 2016

The unit I have just finished is:  

Introduction to Science.

My score in the end of unit test was:  

For the lab report I got:  B5 and C4.

I was happy / not happy with these results because: I was happy and not happy, because I got more than 3 on both Criterions and I got lower than 6 in both Criterions.

In general:

How am I doing? I am doing good.

What I am good at? I was good at some of the questions in the Lab Report.

How do I know I am good at these things?The teacher marked it correct.

I found the previous unit – Introduction to Science…….easy except for the Lab Report. It was really interesting to see the expirement in motion.

What I found difficult was……the Lab Report, I wrote everything too short.

What helped me when I had a problem was……The teacher helped and some of my friends helped me when I didn’t know some words or if I didn’t understand a question.

What I enjoyed in this unit was………the experiment, it was really cool, fun and interesting.

What I didn’t like in this unit was………drawing the graphs.

What do I need to work on? I need to work on how much I write.

How do I know that I need to work on these things? I write everything too short.

How am I going to achieve these targets? I will practice at home and at school.

What time scale am I going to set myself to complete these targets? –At the end of this school year I will be able to write using more details.

Are completing self-assessments like this useful for your development in Science?  Why? Yes, it helps me set my goals and helps me achieve them.